13 January 2010

acky poo

headache orange! wanted mustard couldnt find mustard. a colour we call acky poo.

when i was small i was called poopy pods for a while because well i pooped and no one new what to call me.

then when i was two and we spent the summer in italy i picked up some tummy bug and needed the pot all the time, my brother and sister had the delightful job of emptying it. ( theres no way i would of agreed to this job) so they called me acky poo.

no mustard mmmmmm!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Haha. Nice nicknames, maybe not for you at the time but I love nicknames that stick over the years.

Accoridng to this site French Mustard is #9C8B15 in hexidecimal= whether it is or not I can't say as I'm no good with colours.

If it is the right one then go to Layout-Fonts and Colors. On that page makes sure Page Backgound Colour is highlighted and change the value under Edit Color Hex Code to #9C8B15.

It sounds more complicated than it is but post a comment again if you are unsure about anything. Hope that helps.


alice said...

hi nechtan

nicknames i was also called mowgli,because in the summer i would look exactly like him when i was a tot.

thanks for the colour chart, i am just off to try it. beware, yucky mustard here i come!!!x

Coffeecup said...

Love the mustard colour blog! Good choice, right on trend!

Talking of nicknames, I used to known as Nezzie burglar. Because I couldn't pronounce my own name, Stephanie, and I used to 'steal' the flowers out of grandma's garden. How that was stealing I don't know, however, there you go.

Robert said...

I was nicknamed "Ginger Nut" or "Ginger Bap" (nut and bap were local slang for head). Guess why? I hated it! It was one of the contributory factors in the formation of my inferiority complex - a complex which lasted about 40 years!

alice said...

hi steph

funny names huh? aw you loved flowers thats sweet. i can remember stealing flowers, rose heads from a neighbours garden when she came out i ran away leaving my denim bag! i persuaded my dad to go round there later to get it, so i wouldnt get told off!

hi robert

i dont understand the thing with red heads. ive dyed my head red twice, i think its a lovely colour. congrats on you new grandson.xxx