14 January 2010

cheers diver

have combi, will shrink........


diver said...

Hi Emma. Good move, it worked great!

I've scaled and sharpened up the pic and posted three versions of it on my blog (click here). Just drag them from my blog to your desktop to download.

All versions are 660 pixels wide which is the width of the header box on your blog.

If you wanna try something different then please don't hesitate to ask. I love helping :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

diver has made a great job of the banner pics. I can't chooose between the 240 and 360.

All the best


alice said...

hi diver

my inability to understand technology is driving me CRAZY!!!!!! i dragged the picture from your blog. i then had to add it too my pictures (folder), then went into blogger and pressed, page elements/layout, pressed browse my pictures (didnt press browse the web) added, then the blogger tells me the picture is CORRUPT! i tell you, corrupt, how can a pretty blue combi picture be corrupt. any other ideas my sweet patient man? i will try to have a butchers myself. thanks for your help. x

hi nechtan

great pictures arent they, i will get them loaded soon. and thanks for the french mustard background, xxxx

diver said...

Hi Emma. I doublechecked the files here. They're just happy little jpegs, nothing corrupt down here. I guess they didn't cope with their long journey ... got seasick or something, lol.

What about I email the pic(s) to you? You could email me your email address if you like?

Don't worry lass, we'll solve this!

ps ... you could also try downloading the pics again ... just in case blogger was in a mood last time?

Melinda said...

Hi Alice
Good on you for doing so much reorganisation and making a to do list. You're doing better than I! ;)

alice said...

hi diver

will do, i will try and download again. if not my email will be on its way to the other side of the world! thanks. xxx

hi melinda

my woolly head would be so forgetful without lists. not enough blood being pushed up to the little grey cells! xxx. loved your trip photos by the way.x

Achelois said...

Although I really like seeing the 'whole' picture I must admit to also really liking your original too Emma.

Hoping today was a good day.

alice said...

thanks achelois

hope you and your daughter are ok xxxxxx

alice said...

diver, diver, diver,

i tried once more, and the picture will not take. the 660pixels will take, its the length which im havign probs with . how do i shrink the length? ive ticked the box, shrink to fit, but no luck. i tried emailing you too, and they want to know my outserver thingy and inserver, (i know that i got that wrong you no what i mean i hope!) shall we admit defeat? xxxx

defeat on my part might i add, as im such a wuss with technology.

diver said...

Hi Emma. I was talking to my daughter this morning about your photo-editing dilemma and she pointed me to a site called
It might be just the thing for you, as it allows online photo resizing, cropping, colour changes, and lots of other photo manipulating tools. And it's free. Might be worth a look rather than admitting defeat, hmm?. Cheers.

alice said...

thanks again diver

used the website you mentioned and i was able to shrink the print i just need to be able to stretch it lengthways. slowly but surely eh? thanks again for all the help i really appreciate it, and thank your daughter too.