2 January 2010

another clue.......

i was named after a 19th century book.


Sarah♥ said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Great quiz, I think it will take us a while. Alice's adventures were written in the 19th century but I'm presuming its not that. I thought about Jane Eyre and Jude the obsucure but like the others I think you have an Eastern European look. I'm probably wrong to be swayed by the photo but I'll go for Anna (Karenina).

alice said...


its not clare, do i look like a clare! ive tried a few times to guess peoples names on the t.v, always wrong.

although i have to say, you are the winner!!!!!!! well done, i was named after jane austens novel emma, and middle name jane after the great writer herself. xxx


hi nechtan

eastern european, mmmm. my mum has completed a little of the family tried, and found out a few weird connections on my dads side. his grandma was called edith emma, her mother was german also an emma, and her mother too. we never knew this till last year. emma is a german name, although thats more to the north of europe than east. good try but you were pipped to the post.xxx


so alice, or em as family call me, whatever you want to call me i dont mind. im glad i kept the spirit of my great aunt alive,now i just need to be a little more cheeky like her. xxxxx

Sarah♥ said...

My sister is Emma and my best friend is Emma... :)

Yay...I'm the winner!

diver said...

but but but
but ...

we wuz just getting started ...

Well done Sarah, clever, you got it on day one !

Coffeecup said...

Clever Sarah!

Sarah mentioned 70's names. It's curious how dated some of them are already. There were loads girls called Julie and Karen at school, but you don't hear them used so much now for babies. Some never go out of fashion do they Emma? ;-)