4 January 2010


thanks everyone who participated, i like diver thought it would of been a long slog.

yet sarah, within a day was on the right track.

so whether you want to call me alice, after my cheeky great aunt, or em which everyone calls me, the choice is yours.



Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Great guess by Sarah. I find it hard to change after about a year of calling you Alice so I'll stick with it now. Hope all is well.


Rusty Hoe said...

Damn all my money was on Boedecia!

Nice to meet the real Em, though I kinda like the whole Alice concept. It has that whole Wonderland thing built in. :)

alice said...

hi nechtan

thats cool, call me alice, keeping the spirit alive. feeling abit blurgh due to the snow, pretty though. xxx

hi michelle

aunt alice would of been proud!!! or would she? we will never know.