22 January 2010

kelsey park

hey all

yesterday morning was the most pleasant few hours ive spent in a long time. first off mum had to do some business stuff, then whilst the sun made a rare appearance we toddled off to a park in south london called kelsey park. its not so far, and its flat so a push in the wheelchair wasnt that much off an effort, little rosie came too.

half way round, we saw the herons which live in the centre of the pond. its a real funny site because these huge birds have nests high up in the tree, they look prehistoric, i could of kicked myself because i didnt have my camera on me as it was home on charge, next time i will take some pictures for you all to see what i mean.

then we went to the park cafe, which is just a trailer type thingy, as the original was burnt down a few years back, however its been rebuilt and is waiting to be opened. i sat in between the cafe and park, which was secluded so no wind, the sun was beaming down i felt warm. lovely and warm, with a cuppa and for a few hours things seemed fine.

ive had a headache for a few days now, rubbed some 4head in which didnt work, eventually i gave in and took a panadol ( i dont know why im so anti drugs, as at the moment im on so many!). after a few hours the nauseous pain stopped.

see what asking does, its given me a picture header. thanks again diver, maybe im not so thick after all!!!


diver said...

Hi Em. Header looks great, you dun well!

Addressing you as Em makes me think of Judi Dench as James Bonds' boss, haha. It goes well with your new pic though, which I've always thought was rather secret-agentish.

Please don't have me terminated if I've discovered your secret :)

*nervous laugh*

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Glad to see you got your header sorted out.

That didn't take long at all to get your wish and feel the sun's rays. I'll bet that felt good. It sounds like a very lovely park. Sitting out of the cold watching nature is something I think I would also find calming enough to stick around. It is great you have a spot like that near at hand. I look forward to seeing your photos when you next go. For the same reason I bought a second battery at Christmas so I didn't get caught out.

All the best


Robert said...

We're all happier when we're closer to nature. And sunlight cheers us up too. Both together?...Heaven! (well, almost)

ellen said...

Hi Alice,
You're still Alice to me, otherwise I'll be confused! :-)
Your post is like a letter to a friend - very nice. I could feel that sun with you - and it's great to enjoy it while it's here, as in January we don't usually see much of it. Glad the headache subsided...And I like your new header - funky and stylish.

Em said...

hi diver

yep done it in the end, with a little help from my friends!

judi dench great actress, secret agent huh, mmmm, more danger mouse than james bond!!!


hi nechtan

little annoying isnt it when the battery runs out? never mind, its a great excuse for another trip. wait till you see the strange sight, very odd. and i slowly but surely got the header done, i must remember that i can tackle things, i must ask for help too. x


hi robert

i havent been able to go out for over a year like that. the smell of the earth, is so near to what i love in life. i used to love walking especially in the woods, seeing the native plants, seasons, picking blackberries off the headrow, yep thats something i did over ten years ago in kent. well i can complain, this is the next best things. x


hi ellen

glad you like the header, the picture was taken a very long time ago, i had just had a paddle in the med, as you can see my jean bottoms are wet. i just love the background, im sure it was taken sometime in october.

alice is fine, my great aunt lives on. hope your feeling ok.x