20 January 2010


well, nearly shrunk eh?

starting next week on vit b12 shots. the docs nurse is going to administer them. every week for ten weeks to see if i will feel any better. back on the calcium tablets and vit d, due to the osteopenia of the spine. nystatin is going to be introduced an anti viral in a week five. ive just paid out ten pounds, half price, at holland and barret for some huge bombs of tablets l-carnintine.

im tired, and weak at present. im sure the cold weather doesnt help. dark, grey days seem to be the norm here. the cold does me no favours.

one positive. ive started to do a little knitting. i must take a picture, lime/lemon green alpaca wool, in a delicate pattern which i adapted from a babies dress. i can manage a few rows a night, which i love even if it does bugger my joints up.


Robert said...

When the sun pokes its head out a little more often we'll all feel better! I hope the knitting helps you through the long nights and short days.

Rachael said...

I agree with Robert about the summer and feeling better - when i even think about the sunny weather to come i feel better!

Anyway i havent popped over and said hi for a while for various reasons so hi :), i hope you start to feel better soon and all the meds go ok.
take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

When you feel those rays on your skin I'm sure you will feel better. I think one of the most depressing things of the last 2 years at least had been the promise of a hot summer that never arrived. Its been mostly gloomy and dull.

I hope those treatments do you some good. It would be good to find something helpful early in the year and make this one a good one for you.

All the best


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add something about the main. I think you might have taken the wrong image from diver's blog. Instead of the 660x240 image you've maybe taken the preview image and uploaded it with 'stretch to fit' selected. I might be wrong but its worth having a look at.

All the best


alice said...

hi robert

would love some sun at the moment. was able to sit in a park cafe yesterday, outside the sun peaked its head out and i felt warm. roll on summer.

knitting, i will post a picture, i cant do much but its nice to get back to what i loved.

hi rachael

thanks, i hope the meds give me a little boost. its suppose to affect the cells, well thats the gist of it.

hope you start to pick up soon too. you little jimmy must make you feel good on down days. good luck with the volunteer work.

hi nechtan

i hope to we have a great summer, not to hot, but decent, and not just for a few months, a little longer please.

the picture, i used my own, diver kindly linked me too piknic a site that alters your pictures for free. this is the first one i tried, im sure if i fiddle with it for a bit i will fit it. thanks for the tip though.xxxx
p.s glad your earache is passing.