29 January 2010


what i dislike most about being left-handed? every school day i would walk home with ink covering my hands. in drama i would sit on a chair with a right handed flap. grrrr. rulers were the wrong way round, so were exercise books. no wonder i would get confused.

i remember when i was around five, a teacher came into class and pulled me up to the blackboard she held a piece of chalk in her hand and asked me to take the chalk in my writing hand. i got confused because i wrote with my hand surely thats the answer. i had to think about it for a while then grabbed the chalk with my left hand. she looked at my teacher with a mmmmm knowing look then left the class. i felt like a rare species.

i began to adapt, scissors, i used with my right hand, golf lessons right handed. driving a left hand car is a dream. i wonder if this has made me confused, being a lefty in a righty world?

having tests completed recently the docs always ask which hand do i write with, and in all my reports/summaries there it is staring out at me, left-handed women.

90 per cent of the population are righties. the other 10 per cent has to make do.

never mind eh!


Rusty Hoe said...

I remember at our local Catholic school, the left-hand was considered the 'devils hand' and they used to whack the kids across the knuckles with large wooden rulers if they used their left hand. I always found that weird and very disturbing. Mind you in my public school the ruler was used with gleeful abandon for everything, even breathing! I was obviously a devil child LOL

I'd take it as it makes you very special, not that we didn't already know that :)

Coffeecup said...

No no, we don't make do, we are the beautiful minority with artistic urges and creative minds. We are kind and compassionate, romantic and dreamy...

Oh I remember those stupid desks at school though! Thank goodness for email and computer keyboards. And yes I can only use scissors in my right hand too. A teacher in primary school once asked if anyone was left handed and was really pleased when I said yes. She'd bought a pair of left handed scissors but I couldn't use them, ha ha, the look of disappointment on her poor face.

What about knives and forks? I reckon that right handed people use the fork in the wrong hand and I feel really comfortable using my 'useful' hand to change gear in the car. See left handed people are also ambidextrous!!

Sarah♥ said...

I LOVE being a lefty :)
But i agree with the ink marks all over the hand..that was a bit of a pain...lol

I do everything else right-handed. Sometimes i think my writing is a tad better...i have AWFUL hand writing, i should be ashamed.


Em said...

hi michelle

large wooden rulers... poor lefties. although we had the metre long rulers for being morons! sinistra is italian for left if i remeber rightly - sinister. they made one of the english kings write with his right hand and he gained a stutter. im glad it isnt so bad now.xx

hi steph

another lefty. it is strange using left handed things now. i remember when i was 15 and had golf lessons, the teacher asked 'anyone left handed' i raised my hand, however when i tried to play, i couldnt, and had to revert back to right handed clubs. the mind boggles.

its true you become adaptable. i think you have no choice in the matter. i think as a child if you pick scissors up and they dont work you must just swap hands.

hi sarah

another lefty. talking about handwriting i find mine is ever changing. usually not the same all the time. i wonder if thats another lefty trick.

i still get inky hands, and just feel abit of a fool at my age!

Achelois said...

way behind on my reader! Husband is left handed so understand somewhat. Son has no dominant hand which makes grating cheese an upside down inside out experience!

There was a recent programme on Radio 4 about ambidextoroty (I know I know no such word but can't spell it either way) on a study about the implications etc.. it was interesting. Husband still puts clothes on upside down and back to front and approaches some tasks in an interesting fasion. I feel lucky marrying him though as I think it makes his brain intersting and fun!

I do agree though its a world made for right handers and thats not fair.