30 January 2010

a few of my favourite things.......

a snail, bought when i was a tiny person by my nan. my sister has a green snail, my brother had a green pig, being a tiny klutz i picked the snail up by its ear, (its sticky up thingy) and snapped the china. the past 23 years its been living in the conservatory, however over christmas some underfloor heating went down, a clear out began. i washed the little money box, its new home is upon a bookcase in my room.
looking like a coffin dodger most of the time, i asked for some of the above as a christmas present. i know that its been raved about. i dont look so much like i should be buried now, it sure does a good job of the dark under eye circles. i may try a cheaper version when i have to pay.
you all by now know im a cath kidston fan (addict) i would look like a walking advertisment for her if i didnt leash myself in now and then. a pretty little purse, i love the print.
another cath k. i fell in love with my school satchel exactly like the one above but seventies brown. until a spider decided to live in it, in a typical me fashion i couldnt use it again. i craved a satchel for as long as i can remember, and when the one above appeared i decided to purchase it. although on the small side i fit in all my junk, and its easily accessable.


Achelois said...

I was given a Kidson knitting bag for Christmas. I just wish all related stuff wasn't sooooo expensive. I need the undereye stuff, daren't look as I know its mega expensive. Loving the list of your favourite things.

Rachael said...

Im not normally into bag's but i really like that last one..

Do you mind if i steal your post idea and do a list of my favourite things?

Em said...

hi achelois

i know cath k is expensive, so i choose carefully, i ask for pressies! that goes with the under eye cream. im sure body shop does a cheaper version which i may buy when this one runs out. xxx

hi rachael

oh i just adore the bag, not that practical, being so small. i have plenty stuffed inside!

of course i dont mind, feel free. i get ideas for others blogs too.

Coffeecup said...

Hi Em, lovely idea for a post. Could be the start of a challenge this one. Ask everyone to photo their five favourite things?

Love love love your bag! Cath Kidston stuff is special.

My Mum brought me some of that touch eclat stuff back from duty free but I haven't really used it. So it brightens the dark circles under your eyes? Wish I'd known! Lol. Been using Max Factor cover sticks for the last 20 years, to hide spots and blemishes. It's the very best in my opinion, but then your skin is flawless and I doubt you'd need it.

The snail is so cute. It deserves to be on display.


Em said...

hi steph

my skin flawless? i wish, i still suffer from the occasional spot at my age! the ysl is great for under eyes, and boy do i need help at the moment. post you five favourite things in picture form. always love looking at pictures. xxx

Coffeecup said...

I will do a favourite things post soon. Ah everyone gets the occasional spot, me however, I'm lucky if I get the occasional blemish free day lol. Like a middle aged teenager, spots and wrinkles! Not fair at all ;( xx