16 February 2010


i am exausted and tired. on sunday decided to take a trip up to st johns and elizabeth hospital where i may have to go in a month or so to be seen about hypermobility. i acutally got butterflies before starting out, i tried to ignore, which sort of worked. i never knew the route well, having not been to central london in over two years. 20 miles later, 1hr and 15 minutes i was sitting outside the hosptial. no parking, what a surprise! it was a sunday so im sure to leave around two hours to get there on a week day. doesnt make sense does it 20 miles on the motorway would take 20 minutes, in london im leaving two hours to get there!!! have a few pictures to show of buildings, one that i have stood behind before waiting for a bus just outside of victoria looked rather french, something that i never took time to notice before.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

That is quite a journey. For me 20 miles is a big trip. 20 miles into a city like London unthinkable. It is the time that is more important than the distanee in this case. No wonder you are exhausted. It is unbelievable just how overworked our bodies get with stress and tension.

Lovely photo, I look forward to seeing the rest. And well done for getting through it. Its not something I'd be ready to do yet but you have made remarkable headway over the last year.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Well done hunny! Testing the distance is a prudent thing to do, and now you know that you can even if it's knocked the stuffing out of you. Twenty miles in two hours? Good gracious! London is just a bit too bedazzling! Too too many people!

Lovin the picture. Indeed it does look like it's been beamed up from Paris and landed in the wrong place. How wonderful!

Em said...

hi nechtan

i think because i know certain parts of london quite well, im at ease to a certain extent. i like to know where im going, i used to be spontaneous, being unwell makes me feel like not being very spontaneous at times. and the 20 miles to into account the 'short cuts' which were really not useful on a sunday morning because there wasnt much traffic. xxx

hi steph

weird that i hadnt noticed this building before. i used to stand by the side of it waiting for buses. its not like its just been built! perhaps im seeing more things now whereas before i may of been caught up in life. x

Achelois said...

Not sure why these two posts re London popped into my reader after the later ones but no matter.

I get ridiculously over excited when required to go to London to see eminent Professor for daughter now as I discharged myself years ago deeming it better that I be treated and managed locally ha ha... that was one of those decisions I regret. i could obviously become a patient there again but the bit i forgot to put in is the travelling. The last time i went I was struck down by a flu so virulent within a week I swore never to go again. Apart obviously unless I have won the lottery and am in a limousine with a chauffeur to match.

just a word of warning em, try blotting out the car number plates if they are yours in internet photo;s I may be over cautious but saw a programme about car cloning jsut because someone put a picture of their car including plates on the web! i know I know I am over cautious its in my nature.

You take good photo;s.

I don't understand why you can't just get a straightforward referral to UCHL without the rigmarole of the rest.

I am off as in a particularly bla bla mode.