12 February 2010

puppy sitting

my sisters gone on a trip to the science museum with my niece today, so weve been asked to puppy sit. what adventures we will have with a ten week old puppy. rosie doesnt play much so unless the pup teaches her i think i will have to be the substitute dog for the day!.


Rachael said...

awwww... i want a puppy again....he is so cute
Good luck lol

Sarah♥ said...

What a little Cutie McCuteson.


Em said...

hi rachael

puppies are hard work, although this one is so cute and cuddly, and i dont have the to do the hard work!!! just the cuddles. x

hi sarah

he certainly is cutsey, and loves cuddles, when hes tired. x

Rusty Hoe said...

Soooo cute. My two horrors are currently killing each other in the lounge room. Each time I go in they quickly sit like good dogs as if they haven't just destroyed the room and I can't see magazines and remote controls everywhere. Lucky I love them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

What a wee beauty. He just looks like a bundle of mischief- but in a good way. I hope it made for a good day and Rosie didn't mind too much.

All the best


Em said...

hi michelle

i didnt realise how much company a dog could be, i speak to rosie as if she was a person, in my woollier moments i expect a reply!!! your dogs sound great, comical characters. xxx

hi nechtan

oh dear rosie did mind. i was cuddling the little pup, when he let me usually when tired, and poor little rosie wouldnt come near me afterwards. i called her to my lap, and she looked away. mmmmm. when he went home she settled back to her old self. i didnt realise dogs were like this, as i only had experience with a cat before. xxx