18 February 2010


mmm balls of wool. woolly head. im kind of adapting a pattern, if i can. these two balls of wool, or possibly four if needed will magically turn into something in the next two or three or maybe four months all depending on my neck, shoulders, arms. i will show the finished project if i finish it.

today im tired, worn out, certainly my memory is unable to work at present. thinking is a no go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

When you are tired have a rest if you can, though its easier said than done sometimes depending on the type of tiredness. Its good to have a project. Something to obsorb yourself in and work towards an end. I do admire people who can take something and make it into something else. It is not something I have the ability to do- not since I was a boy with Lego anyway.

All the best


Sarah♥ said...

I've got nothing interesting to say with reference to your recent posts, all i do want to say is that i absolutely love you blog! Thank you for writing :)


P.S I am trying to type with cotton gloves on. I have just put on loads of hand cream and i need them covered but its really really hard to type!

Achelois said...

Hi Em, I am so sorry you are feeling so exhausted. I wonder if a pain management course would help? They teach pacing and multi-disiplinary approach to pain management. You may have to be pretty pro-active to get the funding for this but there is a specialist course run at UCHL for EDS/HMS patients which you are well placed to attend. Have a think about it.

I have a hat I started knitting before Christmas which is all but finished except I need to sow the last bit up so that I can put it on my head! It sits staring at me and we have a silent fight together, it begging me to finish it me just sticking on last years hat and closing my mind to the fact I just can't be bothered!! I am a terrible knitter and as a result stick to hats rather than get knitting rage at my complete ineptitude in that department. I think I would be more accomplished had I more patience but as that is a virtue I don't seem to have mastered I just admire anyone who can knit better than I.

Pacing with knitting should go like this in theory - look at the normal amount of time you would knit... half it then shave a bit of that time. Do not go over that time for at least two weeks using an alarm clock if necessary. Add a minute or two a day for the next couple of weeks to the time and hey ho before you know it it will be finished. Pacing is hard but worth it as it prevents the overdoing it which can exacerbate existing pain in hands, shoulders etc..

Obviously I do not practice that which I preach otherwise my stupid hat would be finished but hey ho writing it down at least reminds me how I could get it finished if I wasn't in such a winter sulk...
Take care Em things can only get better. la la la can you hear me singing?

Nikki said...

Hi :)

I bought a DVD in the hopes it would teach me to knit.. Its taught me casting on and something else, I forget what its called, the next bit(!), but Im struggling knitting onto the rows... Im sure Im not explaining very well here!!
But from what I did learn I enjoyed it and I get the feeling its something you could lose yourself in for a good hour or two - which is what I'd hoped for, what with the anxiety etc!

I keep meaning to play the dvd again, I gave up last time out of frustration! I could well be calling on my Nanna for help too!

Good luck with yours :)

Em said...

hi nechtan

over the past 13 years ive loved my stitching projects. i can lose myself completely in them which is great for an anxiety sufferer. unfortunately with pain, and achey joints im unable to do this anymore which is a great shame for me. however mustnt complain just started to pick up the needles and slowly knitting. im sure you get the same feeling with photography. x

hi sarah

thanks, glad you enjoy reading the blog. been reading yours for a while too. x

hi achelois

thanks for the tips. im slowly learning pacing, but im so impatient i tend to overdo things because i want to do as much as i could do. doesnt work that way does it?!!!

im getting a few steps nearer to the appointment with proff g. seeing gp next week for a referral to st johns and lizzies. any tips would be welcome. hopefully within the next month i should be going.

your hat will get done, its the last bit what is the most frustrating. i left a scarf that id knitted in jan a month or so before i blocked it. something that ive never done before but turned out ok.

the pain clinic, i will look into that when ive had the appointment with proff g. thanks. xxx

hi nikki

knitting is a good distraction and when you get the basic techniques you will be flying. try you tube im sure there will be people on there teaching knitting. good luck.xx

Achelois said...

Hi em,
Best way to get up to date info on referral to UCHL is take a look at the HMSA website or give their helpline a ring to find out quickest way for referral. I first went so long ago I wouldn't know where to start. I used to be really active on the HMSA website but am not there hardly at all these days - Have a look at the website for referral and clinic details - www.hypermobility.org the helpline number is there too. Bearing in mind you have a POTS diagnosis the referral to UCHL should be straightforward.

Em said...

thanks achelois will take a look, at the website, im sure ive looked before, but with foggy head everythings a new experience! thanks.x