11 February 2010

OT + starbucks

O.T was no big deal. more of a big deal in my head as usual. i relayed all the information, she never knew anything about p.o.t.s, which was nice of her to admit. she wants to try some deep relaxation methods next time (good old nhs will be the end of april), i informed her of my low pulse, being around 46bpm midday, as i didnt want to achieve a relaxed state and not wake up again! she wrote this in her notes to ask the doc. not much they could do realistically, i was told to take things slow, will be a long haul. small goals to achieve etc. never mind.

oh i know i sound like a big baby, so dont read on. afterwards bearing in mind i only had two wholemeal biscuits for breakfast and a cup of tea, i was starting to feel hungry, i had had a headache, (which i had had for four days) (had had had, lots of hads). snow was falling all around, it was 5.30pm, so we went home to pick rosebud up, she has we noticed separation issues, yep a dog with anxiety, went to the local starbucks and i had a huge cuppa tea and half a chocolate chip cookie. this has become somewhat of a ritual. after some, not all appointments (due to the tests causing nausea) weve gone to starbucks, had tea and a cookie. soft and crumbly chocolate chips, only half the other half is for later. i could feel some of my headache melt away with the tea, lots of caffeine please. although i did feel my heart beat a little faster with the chocolate. feeling pleased and eased we went home. no walkies tonight for rosebud, toooo cold and snowy.

the sun is out today, rosie is sleeping by my side, in an hour i have to rise to have a shot of b.12 in my arm. headache has disolved, please dont come back. then maybe, maybe rosie will go for a little walk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I'm glad the day finished well and the ritual took away your headache. That's a nice way to end your appointments and I hope it is something you look forward to each time. Just a pity about the OT, there can't be much reassurance there. Hopefully she'll get her act together next time.

All the best


Rusty Hoe said...

I guess the highlight of your OT appointment is that she was wise enough to admit what she did not know. That's kinda good. The coffee and choc chip cookie after would be the personal highlight for me too. Yummo.

Achelois said...

OT's tend to take their time. I had one once that took so much time she went home to South Africa for three months and forgot to tell me - i forgave her as she was homesick!

Have i read this wrong or did you only have 2 biscuits to eat all day? That makes me worry. because of meds I take I often need reminding to eat and when I don't I get headaches. not saying this is your reason just mine.

I like coffee but it doesn't like me too many palpitations. So had to give it up but now can have one a day. Chocolate on the level from Starbucks gives me massive headaches so have to err on side of caution.

Envying your foray into Starbucks. Hoping weather not cold and dog friendly as soon as possible.

Em said...

hi nechtan

the time was getting on so the trip to sb was a silly thing to do because it was late but hey, when your ill a little once in a while doing silly things help. the ot did say that she would read up on p.o.t.s, we will see. i kind of knew nothing much could be offered, however something that i may of missed thinking about, she might know about so worth a trip.xxx

hi michelle

i was pleased that she admitted not knowing much about p.o.t.s and didnt fudge it. theres nothing worse then someone pretending to know things, and with my little knowledge so far of the condition i think i would of been annoyed. heres to the next appointment in april. xx

hi achelois

yep i could only manage two wholemeal biscuits, i have been having headaches lately, so was taking painkillers not to much avail. and your right about the chocolate from sb, after a few mouthfuls i could feel my heartbeating a little fasting then ease of. the cuppa was well worth waiting for though.

on a normal day now i do eat regularly, its only when i feel a bit off colour that i leave food. and your right with the meds. hope your daughters feeling a little better, xxxxx