9 March 2010


took rosie to the vets yesterday, shes still having her problems after five days on antibiotics. shes so tiny, well the size of a cat. shes been given another 7 days worth of antibiotics, a stronger dose this time, and next wednesday shes going in to be neutered and investigated for stones which could be causing the bleeding. the vet seems a nice enough man. fingers crossed, mine seem permanently crossed for now.


agoraphob said...

Paws crossed Rosie will be ok!

Sarah♥ said...

Hope you're well Emma :)

It's awful to see our pets in any pain.. I recall a few months ago when Bluebell got gastroenteritis and she got so weak from all the throwing up, she just collasped in the middle of the garden. Heartbreaking. Thank God she made a full recovery (£100+ later).

I hope Rosie is okay.


Em said...

hi shelly

thanks, she seems ok, but not herself. im glad shes going to the vets to be made well. xxx


hi sarah

i think because dogs cant talk, they just cant express whats wrong before it gets serious. your poor bluebell, im glad shes ok now. rosie is such a great dog, its horrible seeing her in pain. xxxx

Rachael said...


She is such a cutie, is she wearing a little jumper in that pic? i would love to see a full pic of her in it! my dog hates his coat.

I hope she's all better soon, its awful when they're not well, i know from experience with Jimmy. My fingers are crossed :)

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Great pic, I could imagine that on a poster.

I hope the vet gets to the bottom of things. Poor Rosie must be having a bad time of it and I can't imagine its cheap either.

All the best


diver said...

All the best Rosie! You too Em :)

Ellen said...

Wishing Rosie a speedy recovery!

Em said...

hi rachael

yep its a little pink coat, she has a range of wear! normally she wears two out in this weather to keep her warm. its such a worry when they arent well. thanks.xxx


hi nechtan

sweet picture, she has a huge tongue! she needs to be sorted and soon, shes getting worse not better. i think she will be going in tomorrow for the op not next week as shes losing blood. taking her to the vets again this afternoon. thanks.xxx


hi diver

thanks. we need all the luck possible. xxx


hi ellen

hopefully she will have the op tomorrow, shes gone of her food now, so i hope you will be ok.xxxx