13 March 2010

go ahead and laugh

on thursday evening i took my concoction of pills, settled down to watch some tv, when an hour or so later my throat was hurting. i coughed, a chemical taste came into my mouth. i hadnt swallowed one of the tablets properly, my throat was quite sore, so i drank a cup of tea thinking if the tablets was stuck then the tea would dissolve the rest.

friday; i awoke with the most sorest of throats. it felt like i had a ledge in my throat, of course it wasnt just a little inflammed i expect. panic stations, i tried to swallow my mornings tablets, thinking that they would get stuck, a good of dose of anxiety followed. later on in the day i spoke to my sister about this and she had the exact same thing happen, with the same feeling in her throat. so i eased a little when i found that out.

saturday; im sitting in bed, with what seems like a huge sore throat, tired, and weak, with headache. hope this goes soon.

all because a little tablet decided to get stuck in my throat. i can see the surrounding anxiety that attached itself to me. yet to me reacting the way i did was totally normal, it wasnt panic. go ahead and laugh.


Nikki said...

Ive done the same thing. I swallowed a rather large vitamin C tablet that was probably made for something the size of a horse.. At the time I thought Id swallowed it with enough water, clearly not. By night-time I was laying in bed with my chest hurting, so it seemed to have got stuck further down. Mild pain turned into an even bigger pain, pain which got worse with every swallow. Id swallow and when the water (or spit!) reached somewhere in my chest I would feel the pain.. of course youre swallowing a lot so I was reminded on a regular basis how much it hurt.. Panic ensued! I started thinking it might have burned a hole through one of my pipes, would something then leak through, would I need antibiotics, would I need an operation.. etc etc! This of course was normal thinking to me at the time too!

Im glad youre alright now btw :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I think this illustrates just how vital it is to have someone to talk to. If you know someone else has experienced the same it makes a massive difference. I've never had a pill get stuck but have come close a few times, its very uncomfortable.

I'm glad your sister was able to put your mind at rest. As a serial worrier myself I know just how good that reassurance is.

All the best


Em said...

hi nikki

its funny how the thoughts seem so normal, i think some would see a solution and stop there. whereas like you say we are a few steps further with operations in mind!(my thoughts have gone down that track before many a time. it may be funny afterwards, but at the time its anything but. xxxx


hi nechtan

i must say when sis said she had the same thing, without me describing how it actually felt, it made me feel alot better. i shouldnt get so scared but i do. throat is easy now thank goodness, and i dreaded taking my next lot of tablets after the trouble. still a bit sore though. xxxx