1 March 2010


fingers crossed everyone.x


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I hope all goes well.


Rachael said...

Good luck, hope everythings alrightx

Em said...

hi nechtan & rachael

hopefully things are ok, cut a long story short she had her season, and then after two weeks, she bleed for a few days, thinking the worse we took her to the vets.

should only be cysitis (sp) antibiotics given and another visit in 10 days. and she will be neutered mid-may. thanks for the luck. xxx

Melinda said...

Such a gorgeous picture. Hope everything went ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Glad to hear she is OK. Its always best to get these things checked out anyway. We feel so helpless in those situations. All good though.

All the best


Achelois said...

Oh bless. Poorly pets make me all weepy, despite being cynical normally. Our 19 year old cat was poorly last night and I had to ring my mum and bawl down the phone (aged 45) how sad am I!

Hoping the beautiful pooch is doing ok.

love me.

Achelois said...

I meant I am 45 not my mother!

Robert said...

I hope that you're right and she is okay. By coincidence, I've just posted about my dog. They get under your skin, don't they?

Em said...

hi melinda, shes such a sweet dog, no bigger than a cat and often gets mistaken for a puppy. hopefully she will be okxxx


hi achelois

hope your kitty is ok, 19 wow that is a great age, theres nothing wrong with crying over a pet, they become part of the family. really hoping kitty is ok. xxx

hi robert

you dog is oh so sweet, i want to ruffle his hair and kiss his head. they certainly attach themselves to us humans.xxx