22 April 2010

a much needed wander........

the old pier

after two years away from the sea, today spontaneously i arrived. a glorious sunny day helped with the enjoyment. an hour, and 51 miles later brighton called. i dont think rosie had seen the sea before, she certainly enjoyed the air, her small nose twitched and she bounced along the promenade. we stopped for lunch in an outside cafe, what seemed like minutes three hours had passed and we had to come home. touch wood im not feeling too bad, i know tomorrow i could feel worse with the symptoms but for now alls well. thank you whoever you are for letting me have a great day (ive not gone mad!just very grateful.)


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Great pics. The one of Rosie is lovely.

Sounds like you had a brilliant day out. Also looks like it was a nice day to be by the seaside. That is good and so much better that you didn't feel worse for it after. Hope you feel well tomorrow and also that you get more days like this.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

I'm sooo envious Em. Can think of nothing better than being on a beach on a glorious spring day. Whoop whoop! Absolutely wonderful photos too xxx

diver said...

Yay for whoever_you_are! I hope she lets you have more great days like these Em. They've gotta be healthful ... refreshing, recharging?

Achelois said...

Wow lovely Em, Brighton is not so far away from us but we never seem to get there. You really have reminded me that a change of scenery particularly in the Beautiful Brighton on a sunny day can provide a much needed boost. I don't doubt you were exhausted the next day (s) but admire the fact that you go for it despite that.

Take care lovely Em.

Em said...

hi nechtan

it was a great few hours spent lolliing around in the sun. usually in the heat of the sun i feel pretty rough, perhaps because it was a weak and warm april sun. rosie is so sweet, she loved the coast as she was prancing around like a spring lamb so funny to watch. xxx


hi cc

love you pretty blog. it was kind of a spontaneous wander, so no pressue. gorgeous weather, beautiful sea. xx


hi diver

i was astounded i felt ok, i do wonder sometimes whats happening to me, days like these certainly recharge the spirit. xx


hi achelois

your so lucky living near the coast. usually we travere more up hove end, quieter, so sea was so beautiful, peaceful and being a week day quiet empty.

i noticed getting towards the end of friday (we went on thursday) i was lagging, and this morning im pretty much exhausted. to be expected. never mind. xxx