24 April 2010

sane or stupid? you decide.......

in march when the weather was bleak, my ten year passport (dont think they do the year ones anymore) was soon to expire. should i pay £77.50 to renew it, or let it run out? could i see a little continental wandering in the future, or should i stick with the potty pots and stay put? would little anxiety rear its ugly head and sellotape me to bricks and mortar, or would wanderlust win the day?

stupid head took over and i renewed. the thought of spending the summer (ok a little over the top) on the coast of italy tugged at my heart strings. ive been looking at accommodation, extremely expensive pie in the sky kind of villas. jewelley blue pools, mountains, sunny skies, museums. i weigh up the possibilities, one weeks stay was three nights in hospital last year. i could stretch that (i have eds for goodness sake i could stretch anything!) the dog could get a jab and come with. a little doggie passport. i think the sun on thursday has drenched my brain cells.

i know people with pots can have effects with air travel, ive never been that keen on planes anyway. so a road trip seems likely. used to thousands of miles, or was used to. this is all very well, when im feeling well, i know when the little army of useless symptoms come im flat out, an incoherent mess that wouldnt go so far as the front door.

i need a holiday, i want to go to italy, do you think im sane or stupid in my quest?


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I think very sane indeed. The fact that you are having these thoughts and looking through brochures is a very good sign- and a healthy one. Fingers crossed here that you spend some time in Italy as it would be a wonderful break. I always fancied the Amalfi Coast for some reason.

The image of Rosie's passport did make me smile. So much the better if she could get a break too. Renewing your passport is a statement of intent. It says you haven't given up hope and nor should you. I think if you believe you can have it then you will have it.

All the best


Achelois said...

Sane sane sane sane sane.

I love love Italy and holidayed there often as a child/teenager with my family.

My other half doesn't travel but if I had half the chance I would. I love flying despite hating cars, although my ears at present wouldn't appreciate flying I don't think.

My favourite place in the whole world is Florence although I have not had the opportunity to go there for many years. I like also a town called Alassio on the coast. I have never though been to Venice. I did spend three weeks which I think I may have mentioned before mmmm not sure though, with an Italian family living with them for a week in their home in Milan and then two weeks on the med. My parent's did not really think through the reality of me being 13 and the family having 16 & 17 yr old boys. I spent a great deal of time protecting my innocence from hot blooded Italian youngsters. Something I never ever told my family. But the overall experience of living and breathing living with an Italian family made me pretend for quite some time I actually was adopted from my native country and had somehow arrived in the UK placed by a nun in a convent who had got things a little mixed up! Just you talking of Italy, reminds me of the sweet noise of crickets and having my backside pinched! Not that that would happen now I don't think.

If I had my way I would be able to live the rest of my days in Tuscany, with the smell of fragrant herbs combined with simple salads and meals that last forever and friendly skinny cats appearing from nowhere waiting patiently for the odd piece of something delicious.

Earlier on I sat in the sunshine and dipped my bread in Italian Olive Oil and pretended for a moment I was there. I am not generally fussy but am about olive oil and no matter how much I try Italian to me is the best. Greek is ok but Italian is the one for me.

How funny that this post arrived in my reader. Great EDS minds must think alike.

Go for it Em, I will be ridiculously jealous obviously but would enjoy the photo's and feel the happiness in your words when you got home and told us of your Italian holiday.

I go on mini virtual breaks there via the internet obviously. Imagining myself, in absolutely stunning locations and hearing the wonderfully lyrical Italian language via my imagination.

You so deserve a break and you will be fine on the health front. Taking the little pooch would be the icing on the cake.

Can you tell I like Italy too?

My passport has lapsed and a relative has bought a villa in Portugal, so it seems I should renew mine - totally agreeing that the price is mind boggling. Also I quite like the ten year old me in the picture but no matter.

Em, you are sane completely sane. Turn your dreams into reality and enjoy.

Ciao bella....

Rusty Hoe said...

Sane, and that's my professional now non-practising diagnosis. I have a feeling that a week in the Tuscan sun would do you more good than a year of meds. There is nothing that real Italian food can't fix. I prescribe a big bowl of home made pasta, a bottle of ciante, followed by a large bowl of gelati,for what ails you.

Michelle :)

Oh and Achelois I love your nun story that cracked me up.

ellen said...

Another vote - sane. Daydreams are the first step to achieving something, so they're a good sign...And even if you don't make it to Italy this year, some dreams of Italy are still a good thing...

Rusty Hoe said...

Hi Em - just had to let you know I just received my latest copy of Delicious magazine and it's the annual Italian collectors edition. I think the universe is sending signs. :)

Sarah♥ said...

I adore Italy. I went there for many many years in my youth.

Thing is though, as a child you really don't appreciate it - i would just love one day to go back.

You should totally do it :)


Em said...

hi nechtan

im sane! with a little dose of stupidity thrown in. i really hope soon, i could attempt the trip. something to work, and look forward to. would be lovely. thanks for the words of encoragement. xx


hi achelois

i can imagine your travels, you certainly had a great time.

ive travelled to rome and down the left side when i was too young to remember, but the right side venice up i was 14/15 so i remember clearly. the warmth of august, smells of restaurants, nosiy locals, churches, cobblestones. i could go on, and on. im sure if im patient i will go back, passport at the ready. and i just cant wait. xx


hi michelle

jinx, i look for signs too. the big cone of strawberry ice cream sounds to good to be true. i usually do things on a whim, up sticks and go, the best way for me to do things. you never know. x


hi ellen

i know i should be sensible, so i think im going to go away for a few weekends first, see how the body holds up. ive had a few longs days out now, and ive been pretty tired the next few days. im optimistic things will improve. x


hi sarah

hope your knees holding up.xx

italy does something to you. your lucky to have visited alot, and have it in your memories. who knows maybe you will go back someday, you certainly have come on leaps and strides recently. im hoping that i can experience the warmth i felt many years ago. i cant wait. xxx

Laura said...

Go for it! Sometimes we have to do things that are a little bit insane, to keep ourselves sane! ;) xx

Em said...

hi laura

too true, hope your break went ok. and your feeling ok.xxx