6 April 2010

busy-ish weekend

started off with eating an easter egg a day to early, felt a bit urgh afterwards not used to good chocolate, more of a mass consumer cheap chocolate fiend.

rosie had a bundle with basil. whilst speaking to basils older owner, an interesting lady at mh, rosie growled and went for his head, luckily it wasnt serious more noise, since then shes barked at two other dogs. all times shes been told off, why is she doing this? is it normal for newly neutered dogs to adopt such a hostile approach when previously shes been so placid.

easter monday was spend at hornimans museum in south london. i went there when i was seven, its a bit like the natural history museum. my niece came along too, she was a little put off with the selection of stuffed dogs heads, truth be told so was i. the victorians loved stuffing animals, once at the v&a i saw a collection of stuffed kittens dressed in evening wear, such a bizarre sight. sat in the gardens afterwards, next to a ornate conservatory which was very pretty. did feel a little anxious, more apprehension i think because it happened going through the gates on the way in.

today i have to fill some forms out for the m.e clinic. its to do with pacing. its suppose to help with the management of your energy. ive heard it helps with p.o.t.s too so something worth doing. i have my coloured pencils out, which i use in tapestry design and im colouring in the little boxes, making mistakes along the way as usual.

knitting a pair of socks, trying something different, the length. my neck aches, yet i want to do something. the weather was gorgeous today here. no big coat on, just a couple of jumpers. although my chest ached more im thinking it could be to do with the changes in weather.

no to bad a couple of days. next week ive got the appointment with prof g, bit nervous, have also got to write down some history.

just off to watch the delicious miss dahl, i know escapism, but i love it.


Robert said...

I see that your weekend was pretty good too. :) I looked up that museum's website. It seems quite interesting. We have nothing like that anywhere near me. There are some advantages in living in a big city (but I still want to stay in the country!).

Best wishes!

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Its good that you are still getting out and about. Those Victorians were a curious bunch. Can't say I would have much stomach for that either.

I can understand what you say about pacing. When you have anxiety it makes you want to get things over with quickly. Or at least that is my experience. My wife is forever telling me to slow down when I am walking. A slower pace might help you, hope it does.

I hope all goes well with the appoitment next week. I don't know who Prof G is but he seems to be causing you some apprehension. I'm sure it will all go fine but do hope more than anything that you come away with some answers you are happy with.

All the best


Melinda said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your knitted socks!

Em said...

hi robert

pretty nice place to visit, lovely conservatory there to eat lunch in ive taken some pictures too. i bet you cant beat country life sounds good to me if i had the chance i would love to live in a little village. xx


hi nechtan

i dont think so much its the prof causing me anxiety, just the appointment it seems that if he diagnoses me then the problem with the pots is solved, yet if he doesnt i still dont know what is causing the pots and if it can be cured.

it was a lovely day out on monday. something different a change of seen. xxx


hi melinda

im just on the foot of sock one, will be sure to post a picture. do you ever get that feeling like when you finish one sock, you think mmm now i have to knit another one?!!! i have another skein of wool afterwards left, which is made part of bamboo, which i may knit a small pair of socks. im not that brilliant at knitting so its a straight forward pattern nothing fancy. lovely some of the intricate socks that i see, im just not that capable at the moment.xxx

Achelois said...

Hi Em,
don't worry about the appointment as its private you won't be rushed. Don't forget the Prof's speciality is not POTS. He is really kind and will be able to diagnose EDS/HMS easily as he is a world specialist. I understand your worry really I do. Make sure you get him to refer you to Professor Matthias (if he is still there) for the POTS. Make sure he remembers to do that! Wish I could email you but don't want to advertise my email here. If someone here who posts on your blog has a email attached to their blog and they know your email I could email them and they could forward my email if that makes sense. Let me know. It says on your profile diagnosed ehlers danlos so that would be why you have POTS surely or have I misunderstood. Brain fug at the minute so please excuse rambling. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better not to know what I have! They say ignorance is bliss. Whilst I understand the pacing for ME thing, I really think a specilist Hypermobility pain management course could help you as you are close enough to access it. Any how I have said enough as am not sure meds aren't making me fuzzy. Take care special bloggy friend.