2 April 2010

fishes and birds

sorry for the awful picture. ive been trying to snap the cross-stitch which i sewed a number of years ago. i love the simple colour, the fishes gradually turn into birds. the haberdashers daughter completed the same piece of work, i saw it in my local haberdashers and knew that i had to stitch it. they framed the work too. ive been sorting through my projects, wondering what to do with them. i cant bear to part with them, the work that was involved, i remember what i was doing at certain times, with each stitch. im sure i will post more in the weeks to come.


diver said...

Hi Em, such a clever design; and neatly executed. The snap's OK. I loved this piece as soon as it came onscreen :)

Rusty Hoe said...

You are so talented, this deserves a place of prominence in your home.

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I love illusions like this. It is brilliantly done.

Those pics in the last post are great. The top one looks like Pacman has taken a bite out of the centre. I've never heard of the Ballard of Peckham Rye- must now go and google.

All the best


ellen said...

Lovely work Em. Don't get rid of your pieces - can't you frame them and hang them along a wall? One wall can hold an awful lot of framed pieces, especially if the frames kind of go together....I think it would look great. Homemade work is really special these days...

Em said...

hi diver

thanks, i dont think ive done a piece with just two colours before. yet when i saw the design i knew i would buy it. x


hi michelle

thanks, i used to love stitching so much, cant do any at present due to neck probs, but you never know. knitting is getting a bashing at the moment. x


hi nechtan

sure does look like pacmans took a bit. saw the building again yesterday and it amazes me against the skyline. x


hi ellen

i have quite a few pieces hanging on the wall, will take some pictures of them soon. the rest are in my cupboard where i store material, wool, sewing box etc. im in an unsure mind at present. seemed a good idea to have a clear out. yet we shall see!!!xx