15 April 2010

thanks xxxxx

will get back to everyones kind comments, at the moment i just want to run away and hide. give me a couple of days, until my brain has evened out.

thanks xxxxx


Sarah♥ said...

Hope you're okay hun.

Sarah xxxxx

Achelois said...

Thinking of you Em. Its your blog if you don't feel like posting there's absolutely no pressure. I haven't posted in ages!

Take care and honestly diagnosis doesn't change the essence of Em, you will always be you.

I have ehlers danlos and I can tell you for an absolute fact - it does not rule my life. It gets in the way sure and it pisses me off - oh yes sometimes being bendy is an advantage!!

It may be that because the Prof is so used to the condition he has a tendency to use words like deconditioned and all that stuff. If this is the case and forgive me if I am wrong here one can almost come away after diagnosis feeling guilty for not trying harder. This is so not the case for you. Had you been diagnosed as a young child as some are these days then you probably wouldn't be in the situation you are in now!

I have lived with diagnosis for years and yet I am struggling with my daughter who is nineteen with it and so is she as how best to manage life. So being undiagnosed and trying to cope as you have is admirable.

If you don't ever feel like blogging about it don't feel obliged and don't feel pressurised to take up possible options given to you without taking your time. You have had a shock and Em, do some knitting, take some photographs, carry on as you are coping well undiagnosed, when you have had time to digest and come to some terms with your recent diagnosis, continue to stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.

With very best wishes


Rusty Hoe said...

Achelois said it perfectly. Take your time, let it settle in for a while. Blog if you want, and equally don't if you want. You are the priority, certainly not your blog or any of us. Give yourself permission to do what you need to do to sort through things and find your feet again, you are worth it.

I would suggest immersing yourself in puppy cuddles as these are like a spa treatment for the soul.

You're a precious soul Em and no diagnosis can take that away.

Love and hugs
Michelle xxxx

Em said...

hi sarah

thanks, not so bad at present. hope your ok.xxx


hi achelois

kind of getting my head around things. up and down.

prof didnt make me feel bad, i rolled up in my wheelchair, he did question why i was in it. i told him because of the pots, and he seemed satisfyed with my explanation. he also mentioned that anxiety was found in eds patients, which pleased me somewhat.

i cant believe that its gone on so long without being diagnosed. i mean when you look at things its so obvious. i think i was more disappointed with having pots. yet alot of the symptoms overlap. its nice to know all these symptoms arent in my head ive suffered with gi problems for quite a few years which the doc put down to being in my head, now i know they arent. they are real. thanks for taking the time to post. xxx


hi michelle

ive certainly cuddled rosie this week, at the moment shes laying at the end of my bed snoring, which i think is sooo cute. weird i know. im so glad shes here. take care of yourself. xxx