20 April 2010

what have i been up to....

knitting, finished a sock, now i have to knit another. took some pictures of baby herons in nest propped on a tree. appreciated the sun, laughed at rosie. thought and thought.

still confused. muddled. i truly thought with optimism, that my pots would be cured one day. now with the dx of ehlers danlos that wont be the case. im in no mans land.

physio has been offered, gastro dr has been offered. have two appointments with neuros within may to discuss pots.

i need to be hopeful, i need to use denial if appropriate. i will deal with this. i will watch delicious miss dahl in ten minutes to cheer me up.


Rusty Hoe said...

Hang in there Em. Thinking of you xxx

diver said...

knitting ... one sock ... baby herons ... appreciating the sun ... laughing at rosie ... it was a very sweet scene you painted there ma'am :)

Thinking of you too xxx

Em said...

hi michelle

thanks, so enjoy reading you humours posts. xxx


hi diver

its probably me, but after knitting one sock i just cant be bothered to do the other one!!! thanks.xxx