20 May 2010

so i hit the button. sent the mail on tuesday evening. expecting to wait a number of weeks,prof politely saying not to worry its ok, (stupid women stop reading so much).

well, ive been asked to be referred to another professor, a geneticist. another trip across london yippee. its a bit of a complicated process because the gp cant refer me it has to be a nhs consultant and as i saw prof g privately, i would have to be referred to him by my gp to him at UCH, then he would refer me, a long process or i could ask the second neuro next tuesday to see if he will refer me. i will try my best and hope he will do it. confused i am.

i will do my best to live in denial. to blank things out its helped in the past. try not to worry until the last minute.

the suns due to shine today, hope my body tolerates the warmth.


diver said...

Hi Em. I like your approach, about blanking out the worries til the last minute. Works for me too.

Good luck with the geneticist, I hope there's some value for you there. And good luck wading through all that bureacracy. Good grief, how hard must they make it for you :(

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I hope you get some joy with the geneticist. The communcation between factions is ridiculous. No wonder things move so slowly. I just hope when you finally do see this person they can put your mind at rest.

In between I think the only way to stay sane is to blank things out. It is something we all need to do or those thoughts swim about in there every waking moment. Something I personally am rubbish at and wish I could do better.

All the best


Em said...

hi diver

blanking things out works in the short term for me. probably not a long term healthy solution though. thanks for the luck i will need it.xxxx

hi nechtan

dr d, agreed to refer me on tuesday so that was good. also got to see a heart specialist, to see whats going on, why i cant walk for more than a minute or so because im short of breath. things are moving slowly. xxx