3 June 2010

whats helped me through the days.....

a very tired dog. rosie after a day out in the back of the camper with me.
seriously knitting the above of the past few weeks has helped me through the days. you wouldnt think a basic sock pattern, four needles, and a variety of 4ply wool would help. it has. a little update.

:: referral to a genetics clinic has been made.

:: saw dr d last week, i need to see a heart specialist, yeah ive only been telling them for years something was wrong.

:: numerous pairs of socks have been knitted.

:: rosie is as joyful as ever, its been two months from her op, shes bouncing around like a spring lamb, playing tuggy, something shes not done.

:: went to brighton bank holiday monday, and got shouted at by a wingnut lady. she told me 'not to be lazy,' and 'get out of my chair and walk'. seriously i laughed, which made the situation worse. my father got irate, however he never swore. my first fruit loop experience.

::being reading everyones blogs.

:: enjoying the sunshine to a degree, makes me blackout if i dont have my head in the shade though.

:: oh i had lots of little updates and they have flew out of my head. oh i had the results from the mri, interestingly the dr told me i had bright areas which donate vascular probs, mmm. what a surprise.

enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.


Achelois said...

How good to see your blog in my reader. I am pleased rosie has been keeping you company so jealous of the camper but can only drive an automatic due to dodgy joints.

Basic sock pattern! I bought a knitting magazine the other day getting all enthusiastic and my brain couldn't even work out the easy peasy pattern with two needles let alone four. You have my undying admiration!

Pleased the referral to geneticist has been made I hope it brings answers to questions.

I had last cardiologist appointment years ago and still don;t understand what the outcome was. That would be my brain goes out the window in important appointments syndrome thingy thing. I have a feeling it was mitral valve stuff which is ok as its not too much to worry about and something about some valve or something being too wide. They strap me up to heart monitors or occassionally but with EDS this is sometimes no help. It would be worth you sending off to the EDS foundation in USA for the DVD on how to find out about vascular issues etc if a patient presents with problems with EDS as apparently the normal routes of investigation are not particularly helpful in an Emergency situation. Obviously this does not mean our systems are rubbish just that they are not quite used to helping the EDS patient in an emergency in A & E!

Glad you laughed at crazy lady in Brighton. Have no idea what wingnut is but that is probably just me.

Perhaps someone will explain the mri to you in a language that makes sense one day!

I remember the cardiologist years ago saying similar and for some reason it was never followed up but that is the story of my life. For me it obviously wasn't so bad as all I really get is raging palpitations and similar pots symptoms to you. I like the sun but it so does not like me for similar reasons. But I am much less debiliated on the POTS front and heart front than you so I really hope the forthcoming investigations shed some light and treatment options which improve the quality of life for you.

You could do with a break.

Lovely to see you post.

Take care and pleased you had a good time in Brighton despite the wingnut lady!

diver said...

What's a "wingnut lady" ... someone with a loose screw? Sounds a bit like it ...

Glad to see you post too Em, hope you're well :)

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Glad you are keeping yourself occuppied and getting out of the house. Not too good to hear that some idiot decided they wanted to intrude in your day. These types annoy me but at least you reacted in the best way.

All the best


Em said...

hi achelois

ive been unable to drive for the past two years now, and oh how i miss it. wingnut means a fruit loop you know something similiar to a nutcase!

hope your and your daughters doing ok at present. xxxx


hi diver

hope your well, you hit the nail on the head. xxx


hi nechtan

ive kind of learnt thats the best way to deal with things, laugh them off. thats ok though if im in a good mood!!! otherwise the angry side comes out. less though at present. xxxx