9 June 2010

had a little jaunt.....

last weekend was my first away in such a long time. spontaneously, my mum and i, plus little rosebud travelled up the m40 to my aunts in warwickshire. nothing was planned, it was suppose to be a day out, yet my aunt asked if we would like to stay the night, which we did. dads in madrid working, so it was us girls in the motor!

the m25 was a nightmare. deciding to go on the motorway instead of travelling through london was probably the wrong choice, yet choices are made. what should of took two and a half hours, turned into near on four hours. we never rush, years of travelling has made us into tortoises. we stopped off on a service station on the m40,we was a little cheeky, rosie came into the service station, no one questioned me, thank goodness as it was too hot for her to sit in the car.

i was pretty much beat when i got to my aunts little village. however i suffered the afternoon in stratford upon avon. i didnt realise how useless my body really is. i cut corners at home, know my limits, yet i feel i cant when around others, however i have no choice now. stratford was crowded so we had a short push/walk along the river, then a tea and home. i had a lot of chest pains, so i lay down in the living room with the french doors open. im sure having rosebud there helped no end. she was excellent by the way, no accidents on the newly layed carpet.

i woke the next morning, mornings are the worse, i lay in bed knitting my socks, i should call them worry socks, like worry beads. mum saw that i wasnt so good, so we left around 11am. home we travelled. avoiding the m25, instead driving through london, which was crowded yet i knew a few short cuts. homeward bound.

the last few days ive noticed a few changed in my body, but i didnt suffer so much thank goodness. luck old me ive got the barium meal on friday, something to look forward too!!!


agoraphob said...

Even though you didnt feel well, it sounds like you pushed through. Glad Rosie came along for the journey!

I am about to start my barium mealin thrity minutes (If you mean drinking contrast for a CT scan). Not looking forward to this.

Em said...

hi shelley

good luck with the ct scan. mines for an x-ray as im getting meds, small pieces of food stuck in my throat. probably nothing, it comes and goes. sounds gruesome swallowing the contrast, ive had it injected into me before. i have to drink some milky textured drink, mmmmmm!!!x

Coffeecup said...

That river scene looks idyllic Em. Reminds me of where I used to live in the Cotswolds, not far from Stratford. Sighs...does you aunt want a lodger? :)

So pleased you got out and despite the long journey got a short break in the sunshine.

Good luck with the barium meal. Does this mean that you'll be radioactive and glow in the dark? I'll be thinking of you. Please let us know how you get on. XXX

Rusty Hoe said...

So happy you got out and about. From the photo it looks lovely. Sometimes it's nice to be sick somewhere other than your own four walls :)

Good luck with the barium meal (ick) so something to look forward to LOL.

diver said...

Hi Em, great photo. Were it not for the modern cars and the fat powerboat the scene could easily be early mid 20th century I suppose. Idyllic indeed. It's all so 'civilised' *sigh*

Fours hours for 200km sounds like a bit of a grind. And in summer too. Hot and cramped. Maybe that's what knocked you about?

All the best with barium procedure Em.

Em said...

hi steph

doing my good old technique of blanking till tomorrow. its a milky substance that i have to drink whilst they take pictures lovely eh? fingers crossed. xxx

hi michelle

i think going shocked me some because i didnt realise how useless my body really is. its so frustrating when you want to do things and nothing works properly. heh never mind at least i got to go. xxx

hi diver

had air conditioning in the car so was lucky, had the blighter on low all the way, i think rosie liked it! i shouldnt complain i got away, just frustrating that my body wont do what i want it too!x