24 June 2010

here goes.....

as promised me in the chair. cath kidston top, lovely purple mottled feet. oh and rosie, what more could you want on a sunny day.


agoraphob said...

you make that wheelchair look good!

The Foggy Knitter said...

Agreed and I love the top, Rosie is very sweet too

Coffeecup said...

Beautiful Em! Hasn't you hair grown long?! It's lovely and really suits you. That's the same CK top that I liked too. Must say it looks fabulous on you. Great choice :) The sunshine is clearly doing you good. You look really well. xxx

I barely noticed the chair. What I saw was an attractive young woman and a cute dog on her knee. Rosie has a great place to sit there hasn't she?

Rusty Hoe said...

I agree with coffeecup. The chair is just white noise. if you didn't point it out it'd be easy to miss. You (and Rosie of course) look great and are definitely the most eye catching thing about the photo.

Em said...

hi shelley
thank you so much. xxx

hi foggy
rosie is so cheeky, if shes had enough walking she eyes me, then jumps on my lap! x

hi steph
i was thinking my hair looked a little long in the picture too. needs a chop. the v.top is so comfortable i could live in it. i got some fabric recently and with a little help from my mum im recreating another v.top, will post it when finished. rosie is so cheeky, she prefers my lap in the hot weather!.x

hi michelle
thanks, im grateful that i can get out, without the use of the wheels i wouldnt be able to. hope your well. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Its good to see you looking so well. And also good to see its an outdoors shot too.

All the best


ellen said...

Very sweet. Cute lady, cute dog, lovely sunshine!

Em said...

hi nechtan

the last few days have been lovely. x

hi ellen

thanks, rosie so enjoys the small walks. x

Melinda said...

A lovely picture!