28 June 2010


had a busy weekend, well busy for me. saturday was mums birthday, so spent the afternoon at cp, with sister and niece. found a shady tree that we could relax under. then sunday morning, spur of the moment decided to go to kingston. managed to pick up some sock wool, (thanks foggy knitter for the recommendations) then took a stroll/push along the river thames. felt a bit odd due to the heat pounding against my head, so again found a shady area to sit under. by late afternoon arrived home for a birthday bbq. lovely evening spent in the garden.

this morning, took the above picture in dulwich park,(look closely theres a dragonfly amongst the reeds) its kind of like a small version of battersea park, but nearer. fingers crossed im tolerating this heat, no wobbles so far. have to say having air con in the car helps. docs appt tomorrow, for a shot in the arm. i really feel like getting away for a holiday, i hope my health improves enough to go this year.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I hope your health improves this year too. You can't do much more on that front that you already have. Good to read about your weekend. You are certainly living a more fuller life than I am despite your problems at the moment. Credit to you.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

i dont think i could look after three kids, your doing a great job there. i certainly think the meds are helping. i only said to mum this morning that im feeling a little better, i thought that due to the heat i would feel awful yet i may in a few days you can never tell. i think sitting down being in the chair has helped, weirdly because im not standing and my pulse isnt racing, thus switching on the flight or fight response. i think that could be a possible cause which i have had my whole life. x