21 June 2010


lung function test. i was dreading this one, inhaling a number of gases to see what capacity my lungs were at, mmmm not my idea of fun. early morning appt always good for my nerves, not so good for my pots.

the lady that performed the test remembered me from last year. whilst i was in hospital i had to be wheeled down on my bed because i couldnt sit up. she remarked on how well i looked, talked me through the test and away i went. the test took just over half an hour and i was out. into the morning sunshine. i was ok thank goodness. although i did sleep for three hours this afternoon!!!

i will know the results on july 7th, also that of the barium meal. only a few more tests to tick of the list.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

You really are taking on a lot at the moment. I hope the results from this test are good. I just couldn't face anything that early in the morning so it is a credit to you.

That was a nice observatation by the lady. I do believe that how you are coping has a physical representation. People who ouse confidence or radiate with health. The fact that this lady remarked how well you looked is I think a good indication of how well you are doing and that comes through in your posts.

All the best


Anonymous said...

I hope your test results are good although I can't believe how long you have to wait for them. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine,
Love, A lurking well-wisher.

Sarah♥ said...

My sister and neighbour both had that lung test recently. Hope it all comes back okay :)

And with regards to your other post. Well done with your coping skills...very impressive.

Never be embarrassed about your wheelchair. xxxx

Can't wait to see the top :)


Em said...

hi nechtan

tell me about it, so many tests. hopefully they will stop soon. the technician was so incrediably nice, refreshing to see this side of a person working in the nhs. luckily she talked me through the whole test otherwise i would of forgot instructions at the drop of a hat. then i feel a little dim! i expect its a combination of nerves and pots. x


hi anon

im sure things will work out, just a matter of time. thanks.xx


hi sarah

your gardens looking lovely. im slowly getting used to the w-chair. last year being so poorly and in bed was a bit of a blow, so just getting out is great, its the only mode of transport for me!!! hope your tests last week went well. xxx