19 June 2010

sweet people + kindness

i arrived at kings for my 10.00am appt. why, oh why cant hospitals be like this on week days (i know dont state the obvious), no one on reception, no swarms of student doctors, no people!!! i was five minutes early, the cardiac suite was empty except for the lovely lady, she greeted me with a warm smile which always helps. 10.00am sharp a dinky nurse/doctor (never found out which) wheeled me into a small side room. after twenty minutes of cool gel, funny sounding heartbeats, i was on my way. i will get the results mid-august when i see the cardiologist mr.gall (i keep putting stone on the end!).

afterwards i felt kind of ok. usually im tired, and some of the symptoms will accompany me for the rest of the day. however today they didnt. so on an impulse i said lets go to brighton. today was suppose to be rainy, but what the heck. so off we trundled. we arrived just as the sun came out. after lunch, i decided that i should treat myself to a little something, so unusually for me i said can we go to cath kidston. after being pushed round some pretty crowded streets which made me feel rather uncomfortable we approached the store. now as you know i can stand for a minute tops, so when i saw the step outside the shop that wasnt going to be a problem. however before i entered i let all the passing people well, pass before clambering out the chair. a young man (im too young to say that but you know what i mean) asked whether he could help carry the chair over the step, took me aback a little that someone would offer. random acts of kindness, really are amazing.

i could of bought the whole shop, i restrained myself to one pretty v.top, gorgeous little print, which i spent my birthday money on. i will post a picture of myself, with top in the next few weeks, with me sitting in the chair. i have been embarrassed to post a picture with chair, awkward even, but hey im using it too get about in. and i still think of it as being temporary.


Coffeecup said...

Hi Em, a huge well done for triumphing through another pesky test at the hospital. I do hope that Mr 'Gallstone' gets you fit again really soon so that you can walk along that beach. However, in the meantime you're not letting anything stop you and that is a wonderful attitude to have. Go girl! I'm full of admiration for you.

Amazing how far a friendly smile and a bit of thoughtfulness can go :)

What a fantastic day you had! Oooh I'd have loved browsing Cath Kidston with you. You know I have a top from there which is as good as new years later. They're not cheap but you get your money's worth. Those ditsy sleeveless tops are so pretty. Good for you hunny!

Brighton on a sunny day with a dash of kindness. Just perfect.

(Will be in touch shortly).

Take care of yourself beautiful lady and enjoy the sunshine xxx

diver said...

Nicely posted Em. Wishing you many happy returns on days like these :)

Rusty Hoe said...

YAY reminds me of the line from a Streetcar Named Desire "I always rely on the kindness of strangers". Sometimes that little act of kindness can brighten your whole day. :)

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

My Gall-stone. I can relate to that. I just can't help myself adding words on to the end of names and rhyming slang too.

Glad all went well for you today at the hospital and there were no after effects. Also hoping you get positive news in August.

It just goes to show not all people are narrow minded and there are many young men offering random acts of kindness. It sounds like it was a good day all round.

All the best


Em said...

hi steph

another test ticked off the list, ive another tomorrow urgh!!! im hoping they can achieve something with these tests, fingers crossed(mine seem permanantly crossed!.

a smile when needed is so welcome especially in hosptial situations, for me being the worse situations of all for so long.

im sure we would encourage each other to spend a little to much in cath kidston, wow what an amazing amount of 'stuff' she has in her shops. gorgeous, im glad i controlled myself yesterday!!!

wore the pretty v.top today.

hope you and doggies are enjoying the sun. xxxx


hi diver

thanks, days like these sure lift the spirit.xxxx


hi michelle

kindness of strangers,
we all need some random acts of kindness to cheer us up now and then. xxxx


Em said...

hi nechtan

why do we do that, put different names to people. i have to remember though with my foggy head not to call them that!!! xxx

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I don't know why we do it. Maybe its just the way the mind works by linking lots of things together. Like watching the England game the other night my wife got really annoyed every time the commentator said Gerrard and I instinctively said Depardieu in a non-convincing French accent. It reminds me of that ACT book. In a section they gave a list of statements and challenged you not to think of the ending like: Twinkle twinkle little ----. The brain is wired to fill it in and sometimes I think my wiring needs rechecking.

All the best