8 July 2010

dads birthday.

what a day. yesterday morning i had an appt with the first neuro. i got the results back from the barium meal, everything was fine, the meds getting stuck in my throat is due to the ehlers danlos. the lung function test, well one part of the test involve me with a snorkel like implement in my mouth breathing in different gases to see where they went into my lungs (or something like that) they found some abnormalities with the results so they are consulting a respiratory specialist. im not thinking about this, its a blocking moment!.

had a sleep late afternoon, due to the fact it was my dads birthday and for the first time in oh three years i was going out to dinner. i say dinner we went to a local pizza express. i felt a bit enclosed when inside, although the air-con was on which was lovely, plus we were placed right at the back of the restaurant with my back against people. this helps greatly. had a plain pizza which was delicious, sister and niece was able to come, pleasant evening. felt mildy anxious to start with, yet i sneakily checked my pulse and it was 44bpm. work that out!!! i just dont understand why my body works the way it does.


Coffeecup said...

Why does your body work the way it does? Em, you're a beautiful enigma!

Happy that you went out and ate pizza. Whoop whoop! Quiet an achievement after 3 years. Just maybe this time the anxiety was caused by the anticipation and excitement? Well done lovely in any case, for conquering everything you have to endure so bravely.


Em said...

hi steph

beautiful enigma sounds good to me!

i think since being sooooo ill, other things seems to matter less. my little friend anxiety is still lurking around in the background. i do try to compare things, i look back to how ill i was in hospital, nothing can touch that. so at times i can convince myself that what im going to do will be okay. maybe because i was inside, and i so like being in the fresh air feels so good. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Hope all checks out well with the further lung analysis. I don't know about these things but hopefully its something that can be sorted quickly for your own benefit.

Great to read about you going out for a meal and staying beyond the early apprehension. It just shows how far you have come and begin to enjoy a sort of normality. I hope you have many more of those.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

hoping the lungs will be ok.

the meal was ok too thank goodness. i think the way to get round these things is not to put pressure on myself. that helps a great deal. although not on all occasions. x