9 July 2010

walk away.

you know when you have one of those days, yep you know what i mean.

ive had a few back to back. my stitching is going wrong. firstly a pair of socks ive been knitting went wrong wiggling lines instead of vs. my wise grandad would say, put whatever your doing down and walk away. so i made my first attempt at having patience and shifted away. then i did a little shirring on the sewing machine, to cut a long story short, the cath kidston top that i bought in brighton, i thought that it was a good idea to make a couple. with clever mum who has knowledge in these things by my side we made one. so i then decided on buying some more fabric, pink with hearts on, dont ask. well the sewing machine bust, on taking it to be repaired i saw a man lying in the rode he had just been knocked off of his motorbike, gave me the shivers. anyway machine fixed, top not going to well, so another walking away episode.

the heat is hot here. my neck is aching from using the sewing machine, my eyes are too. tomorrow theres a summer fete which im going to, hoping i feel well. usually when my symptoms appear i feel a bit of a misery with myself. like nothing is ever going to be right again. im sure things will turn around.

happy weekend.


Coffeecup said...

Wow! You're so clever to make your own clothes. I have a top here I'd love in different fabrics. I can use a sewing machine but no way ever could I make my own pattern.

Your day sounds like a typical one in the life of Steph. Things going completely wrong and stuff breaking. Never mind chick, at least you got the machine fixed. I'd have sat and sulked and you just got it sorted. Yay for you!

Poor guy on the motorbike! Hope he wasn't seriously hurt. I saw a guy slide under a lorry once on the motorway. Not nice to see accidents hun :(


lotte said...

Ive just borrowed a sewing machine and am today going to start practicing...i want to make a bag first....easy (i think)

It is good though thatyou can walk away....I get to angry and end up blowing a fuse....the sewing machine would go thru the window or Id end up SH'ing.

You are so talanted, knitting, sewing...i wish i could knit!

x x x

Em said...

hi steph

i should own up, my mothers helping me out alot. ALOT. she used to make her own clothes when we were young so knows stuff about patterns. im so impatient i wouldnt have a clue. x

hi lotte

have fun with the machine. a bag is a good choice to start of with, no fiddly bits which drive me nuts. take a look on you tube if you want to knit some good tutorials. take patience though, but once you got the basics your off. good luck.x