11 July 2010

reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

lots and lots of drugs!!! especially the little box to the right, midodrine unlicensed in the uk, yet i get my stash via newcastle, its all legal, promise.
learning to sew at age six, my first piece of work.
pretty flowers at present cover the back garden, nothing better then taking a smell.
gorgeous skies.
chocolate, whether it be half a packet of a whole bar usually each day i consume some.
water, being a potsie i need my fair share of water. were lucky to have a plentiful supply of water in england. even though since the age of 15 evain has been my water of choice. i always drink from a mug too, cant stand the feeling of glass. oh and water for baths too a must for me.
knitting socks.
an amazingly clever mother that helps me replicate a favourite cath kidston top. even if i choose a fabric that is oh so pink with red hearts on it, a reason to walk away and make you mind up later me thinks.
slightly salted popcorn.
freshly dug up baby beets from the back garden.

trying to be upbeat and dare i say positive, ive come up with a few of my pollyanna favourite things. anyone like to add theres?


diver said...

Hi Em, nice photo meme ... refreshing, positive and so original. I thought it was interesting what you said about water and mugs. Looking at that photo of your clean, smooth-rimmed white mug I can see why! Such a tactile photo, I could feel the porcelain on my lips and taste the water.

Wow, look at your pharmacy ... I'm lost for words on that one ...

I'll keep my camera charged this week I think and see if I can capture some of my own Pollyannurisms :)

Excellent post Em, well done!

The Foggy Knitter said...

Wow you actually organise your pills? I should do that. They're all over the place...

I love the sock yarn you've got there and the tops are awesome. I still find the sewing machine really tiring... doing sewing in small amounts!

Making me happy right now, hmm, finishing things, sitting in the garden in the cool of the evening, lots of flowers, audiobooks, books, beautiful yarn, among others x

P.S. When I'm feeling bad I often don't feel that cheerful, but I try to see it as a short term bit of logical not being happy because I feel rubbish and try to ride it out. So don't beat yourself up about it.

Rusty Hoe said...

Love it Em. From warm puppies to yummy baby beets, lovely. I am in the middle of a blog block the size of Everest, I may have to take my inspiration from you and pull the old camera out. :)

Em said...

hi diver

ive always had this thing about glass tumblers, my cousin would crunch the glass at times when she was small i think that has something to do with me disliking the feel.

all those meds will disappear in two months only to be replaced with another set!!!

look forward to seeing some beautiful pics from your neck of the woods. x

hi foggy

doesnt the sewing get to your neck? i did a little too much yesterday and suffered with a headache which just wouldnt shift. i will never learn. sitting in the garden especially in the warmer weather can be lovely. i say can because this morning ive woke with a few itchy bites, pesky flies. xx

hi michelle

would love to see some of your favourite things in pics. look forward to reading your second year in blogland. x

The Foggy Knitter said...

I haven't really done enough yet to find out if it effects my neck... Maybe try using a different chair so you have to bend over it less? My neck gets stiff and sore quite a lot but I find some exercises my dr told me about helpful to free up the muscles. And heat/ice packs x

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Great positive post and lots of lovely pics. It is amazing how when we sit down and look for things we can find there is a lot of joy in our lives usually buried beneath all the negative stuff.

Your post certainly cheered me up and glad to read you are not doing illegal drug running up North. ;)

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

illegal drug running!!! made me laugh. although at first i was concerned that the midodrine was unlicensed, until i found out what that meant. x