3 August 2010

why is so nausea so nauseating

suffering a bit today. i must admit this is entirely my fault, i ate some m&s crisps, highly salted in taste, now i feel sick. i missed dinner, took my tabs, with warm tea. hope tomorrow is better. x


Rusty Hoe said...

I'll commiserate with you Em. I ate yummy croissants and am now paying big time. So good at the time though. Here's hoping you feel better super soon. Hugs

diver said...

That last pic was sweet. She's a dear little girl Em.

Hope you're feeling better now :-)

Em said...

hi michelle

its passed thank goodness, had a lovely headache today for company. hope the croissants were worth it?!!! xx

hi diver

thanks, me sweet, mmmmm thats a new one! x

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Glad it has passed as its not nice. Headaches aplenty up here too but I think its to do with the weather. I hope you are feeling better.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

certainly thundery weather doesnt help. its been like that for a few days down here, certainly doesnt help. x

Melinda said...

Hope you feel better!!