8 August 2010


i was riding the wave of ehlers-pots, for over a year now. moaning at times when really i shouldnt, because whats the odd headache,bowel ache, backache, etc. i coped, managed as best i could.

the last couple of days, as my previous post said, i was experiencing a little nausea, something which i have in the past, took the tablets, felt better. im suppose to take my bp and pulse more regularly then i do. yesterday morning i went to croydon to do some shopping, having a cuppa in m&s i felt a bit dodgy. usually a caffeine boast makes me feel better, so i was puzzled as to why i just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. i took my pulse whilst sitting in the car and it was 36bpm, and it stayed that way. on returning home i got the bp machine out 39bpm and blood pressure was up.

few months back the doc wanted me to up my beta blockers to 45mg, from 40mg per day. which i did, i also knew that my resting heart rate would go down, down, down. why didnt i listen to myself, why didnt i refuse to up my dose. well this is the effects.

nhs direct was called, i spoke to a doctor, who hadnt a clue about midodrine, ehelrs,pots etc. he told me not to take the bb, or the fludrocortisone, and get in touch with my consultant on monday. i took heed, stopped the tabs and will speak to dr a, on monday.

i shall not complain about all my normal day niggles from now on. floating along, not taking a dip, will do just fine with me.


The Foggy Knitter said...

((((hugs)))) Sorry to hear that. Glad the sunflower cheered you up, it's been cheering me up too. Look after yourself and I hope the consultant is helpful tomorrow.

What's your ravname? I'd love to see what you've knitted!

Also, was that the M&S cafe in Croydon? Perhaps one day in a bit when things are more settled we could meet up there for a coffee? (no pressure if you're not up to it!)

Ellen said...

Sorry you're not feeling well Em. I'm sure it gets confusing too with the various pills you must take. Good that you called for advice, and hope the doc has a plan on Monday.

I did have to smile though when you said the tea didn't help you. If tea doesn't help, things must be dire - so English! My grandmother was from England, and that was her philosophy. :-)

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Sorry to read you are feeling poorly. Can't imagine NHS24 were much of a comfort. Hope you can get some sleep tonight and some answers tomorrow. You have been through a lot of late and along with the medication I can't help feeling that it must be taking its toll. I do hope you feel better soon.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Oh Em, so sorry to read you're feeling so poorly. Do hope that these meds get sorted out on monday (or asap) so that you are feeling better very soon. No one can know your body as well as you can and if you think these beta blockers are a bad idea then they surely are.

Despite feeling so unwell you're still getting out and about and I applaud you for even sitting in M&S drinking tea. I couldn't do that without your ailments. You are inspirational!

Take good care of yourself sweet girl xxx

diver said...

Hi Em, *digital hugs* to you, hope this little swoon passes soon :) x

Em said...

hi foggy

called the consultant today, he got back to me a little later and left a message on the answer machine, when i did get back to him he was out of office, typical! hopefully i will have more luck tomorrow. im extremely tired today, and a little unwell. hopefully this will pass. i have sent you a message on raverly, my you have knitted some great items. xxx

hi ellen

haha we english love our tea. or i do. usually a little burst of the brown stuff puts me in a good mood, usually drink de-caff at home when out i drink the strong stuff! you grandmother was from england, you know what part? x

hi nechtan

nhs direct got back within five minutes of calling which was a bit of a shock, but i suppose having a heart rate of 36 bpm they covered themselves. feeling a bit better today, hopefully when the meds are settled i will improve. thanks. x

hi cc

i should learn to trust my instincts more. i just felt that drs know best, stupid me i should of realised from past experiences.

i think because of my illness, ive been able to do a few things more. maybe because lying in the hospital bed last year, all night in the dark i just thought nothing can top this. im not say my anxiety has eased, or gone, yet somethings seem easier. or as i suspect, sitting down in the wheelchair my heart rate isnt shooting through the roof so im not as anxious as in the past. x

hi diver

thanks for virtual hugs, very much needed. swoon, what a great bygone word, why isnt used more often?!.x

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Its not right that you have had to wait another day. Its bad enough that it happened at the weekend, which in my experience is when things always seem to happen, but today something should have been done. I hope you have better luck tomorrow and get some comfort.

Take care


The Foggy Knitter said...

Hey Em,

I got your ravelry message - thank you

Hope you are doing ok now, look after yourself ((((hugs))))

Em said...

hi nechtan

why do things happen at the weekend when there are no doctors available? i know last year when i was very ill, mostly it occured at weekends or unlucky for me two bank holiday mondays!!! xxx

hi foggy

thanks, you have so many lovely knitted items. xxxx