16 September 2010

3 stitches later.......

apologize for the lack of posts. im in a bit of a slump. whilst i wouldnt use the word depression, a slump seems more accurate.

yesterday i attended my appt with prof pope. from the outside the hospital did little to give me confidence, grey,drab,falling to pieces, grim. yet inside the corridors were clean which is always a good sign.

i was seen practically on time, friendly service,pictures were taken of my muscular legs, profs words not mine! bendy hands,feet,knees. photos were given, details taken. then at two hours later three pieces of skin were removed from my upper inner arm. ive never had stitches before, the procedure was painless, simple and straightforward. the only thing that made me anxious and angry were the 2hrs 30minutes it took to drive 25 miles. never drive through london early morning.

i have to wait now, i have the paper work to read through, the three stitches will be taken out in next thursday as i already have an appt with the local nurse. i am being a bit of a wuss today, im in a bit of pain, well alot. im really not very brave. i think the hospital will have so answers in two months, however the exact results will take much longer, will have to read the literature that i was given.

hope this all makes sense, because my brain is a mess right now. hope your all well too.x


agoraphob said...

Always glad to see an update.

2 hours and 30 minutes!!! Woah. I couldn't do that!

Hope the pain subsides and you get out of your slump soon.

The Foggy Knitter said...

((((((hugs)))))) Hope they come up with some answers for you and can help and in the meantime that the pain goes down xxxxx

Achelois said...

Em, its a long wait. Don't waste time waiting. Its cheer yourself up time. Bugger the change of seasons gloom. Whats happened to that holiday you were planning. You need a change of scenery I think. Will you think about it?

I remember years ago and this is cutting a long story short. A good friend was going out with a personal trainer. I was pregnant and calves were aching. He just could not get over 'the shape' of my muscles, I seem to remember he said they were too long and very unusual. It seems unusual muscles run in the EDS family eh.

I saw in Marks & Spencers the other day a mini bottle of a good champagne. If you were a non-virtual friend I would pop round with a box of decent chocolates, the mini bottle (its better to drink a glass of the mini than a bottle of the crap I always think) I'd put on a girly film and talk nonsense to lift your spirits.

I can't do that so by way of compensation. Here is a big, squishy gentle virtual hug. Oh and as Rusty Hoe said in a comment on my blog the other day - I think there is something in the water on the feeling pants thing. She is you are I am. We are currently sharing virtual tequila in a giggly girly way. You can join us - no obligation on the tequila, you could just glug on the champagne and forget about hospital's, POTS, EDS and feeling low for a while.

Its time out for fun for us bloggy gels.

Thinking of you.



Em said...

hi shelly

pain has eased a lot since yesterday thank goodness. relief all round. xx

hi foggy

im sure in a few months i will be more in the know with what type i have. fingers crossed. x

hi achelois

a worldwide ennui is ensuing the eds world!!!. im sure the weather doesnt help our bones, especially damp cold britain. my body is certainly slumpy at the moment. i think this is just hitting me now. i was always a tad optimistic that there would be a cure and i would be up and running, so to speak, in the future. now that may not be an option reality has hit in.

can we add a little chocolate to the virtual celebration? hope your ok and your daughter this is a whatsit of a condition to have.

oh and the holiday is still on the cards, planning is still continuing in the head. italy is my goal, whether that will be satisfied, mmm, we shall see. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I really don't know how you do it. That is a hell of a time travel let alone be to be kept there. I'd imagine that would have totally worn you out. Can't imagine anything about the experience was nice so glad you have gotten it out of the way and only hope it leads to better news and days ahead.

All the best


Anonymous said...

Good lord, ouch! You're really brave [shudder]!! When do you know the results? I really hope it provides some answers, and means there's actually some light at the end of the tunnel after all xx

Em said...

hi nechtan

no the most pleasant of journeys, traffic, is the most annoying of things sometimes especially when you have to get somewhere and anxiety is on your side. xxxx

hi sew

should here within two months, preliminary findings at least, then a good few months afterwards i will get the end results. gives me time to think i suppose. x