8 September 2010


ive been asked to gather together some pictures of family, medical info for a family tree by the genetics prof. bit of a sad thing to do. above is a picture of my aunt, mums sister that died after having a valve operation in the early seventies. i never met her, mum says she was always going beyond her limits. she would ride her bike, roller skate, all things she wasnt allowed to do. she eventually got married at the age of 18 and more in a flat near dulwich. she worked in a bank, then when the time was to come she succumb to an bacterial infection after the op. so sad.


Coffeecup said...

So sad what happened to your aunt. It was a tragic waste of a young life. I'm really sincerely sorry Em. I do hope that the genetics chap can find what's going on. Stay happy and healthy beautiful girl.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Yes so sad. One of the things I have found with genealogy is there are many sad tales. It is one of the downsides to doing it. It is nice to see a photograph though and see the vibrancy of your aunt. So many times in genealogy people are just a name and some recorded dates.

I can see the point of the genetics guy wanted a family history. I hope that it helps and hope more than that you get some positive news.

All the best


The Foggy Knitter said...

Her story reminds me of my friend Amy who died last year from a congenital heart condition, she really lived life to the full and taught me so much about living. Her life might have been short but it was so worthwhile and good and she always enjoyed the good times as much as she possibly could.

Your aunt looks like a great person (((((hugs))))) xxx

Achelois said...

A sad story, a beautiful woman whose vibrancy shines through. It is tragic she died so young.

I seem to remember you have the appointment with P. Pope today. I hope you get some answers and will be thinking of you.

Em said...

hi cc

thanks, the prof took a copy of my aunts death certificate, so hopefully he will be able to understand the situation and give some answers. xx

hi nechtan

im glad we did some research further back, mum even went to see a cousin that she hasnt seen in a while, and everyone is so happy to help too. we have found out some more stories from people that have passed, which are surprising, and sad to. xxx

hi foggy

sorry about your friend amy. sounds a bit like my aunt. she would always do the things she wasnt suppose to do, she lived her life to the full too. hope your ok.x

hi achelois

thanks, just posted on the experience of the trek up to northwick park, what a journey. hope your well. x