7 September 2010

genetics appt

got a phone call yesterday, would i like a cancellation next wednesday for the genetics appt? yes i would. so very early next wednesday im making my way across london to see prof pope.


agoraphob said...

good luck!!! Hope you are able to get some answers (good ones).

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Fingers crossed. Would love some positives out of this one for you. And glad to see you are doing the opposite of what I do- that is I put things off.

Best of luck


Em said...

hi shelley

thanks. i will either be tested if the prof think wise, or let go. fingers crossed.x

hi nechtan

thanks, oh your so wrong i always put things off!!! i have a list of things to do each week, and they have been rolled over from week to week this last month or so. easy things like phoning up the bank, booking an appt for the optician, yet i continually put off. you not the only one. xxx