1 September 2010

more pictures from the eye

a view to the left of the pod, i have a view from the right and i cant post it,mmmmm. the above picture is crowded grey london, the view to the right is made up of greeness, with a view to crystal palace towers.
a scary view from our pod. before going i was apprehensive whether or not i would make the pod. heights have always been a problem for me, yet i seem to be brave enough to conquer my fears.
houses of parliment


diver said...

Those biggable pics were a treat, thanx Em :) It sure is high up there!

For some reason I always thought London was dead flat??? But now I see it has little hills and high ground in the distance, fascinating.

I was wondering too ... what's that amazing set of triangled white terraces in the foreground near the rail station?

Em said...

hi diver

pretty sure the buildings are ministry of defence, i know whitehall, scotland yard is based in the vicinty and horse guards parade. sure can see for miles on the eye, after ten years of umming and arring i finally made it. x

Coffeecup said...

Wow Em, you're so brave for going up in the Eye!! The view from up there is incredible. I've seen the wheel from ground level and looked up, but being up in it and looking down really shows how high it is. It must have been such a thrill. Not sure I would have been so comfortable being trapped in there for what is it? An hour? Well done!

Thanks for sharing the scenery xxx

Em said...

hi steph

was a great height, that was one of my fears, along with feeling pretty unwell with a cold. glad i went in the end, only last around 15 minutes, i think. x

mitch said...

Great shots :)