30 August 2010

what have i been up too?

the past few weeks have flown by in a mixture of illness, grumps, and fed-up-ness. the illness was a minor everyday kind of cold, which in terms of colds was low level. the first cold ive caught in a year, i thought perhaps that i would feel it more with the pots, although ive been poorly, its not as bad as all that kind of poorly. ive been on a couple of days out, with cold, first was to harrods. my niece wanted to go so last wednesday we packed a lunch, paid the congestion charge (mmmmm) and drove to kensington. luckily there was a parking spot outside, three hours later we returned to the car. twenty pounds lighter after paying for three teas and two diet cokes, yes twenty pounds. afterwards we sat in the car in hyde park eating our packed lunches watching the rain spill down the windows, the geese waddled across the road, and the odd person walk there soaking wet muts.

spoke to the geneticist by phone. due to see prof p end of september beginning of october. fingers crossed.

also have an appt with the first neuro on wednesday, what joy! at least i will know the results of the emphysemia test.

also had a kings appt with the cardiologist. guess what? more tests, three in total, scan of my lungs and heart, being injected with something to make my heart beat fast, and erm something else which ive forgotten. they want my aunts records shipped over from the hospital that she died at, we just need to find the death certificate to see where she died, it was over fourty years ago, so maybe the records dont even exist anymore, yet they are trying.

hope this post is coherent, my head is jumbled, ive been reading everyones blogs, i just thought my replies would be dismal or mumbled. hopefully im back.


agoraphob said...

Wow, you have to deal with a lot. I honestly dont think I could do it. I admire your strength!

But, on the positive side, you look beautiful in that pic! Sounds like a nice time you had with your niece. Is twenty pounds a lot? Sounds like it. I guess I could do the conversion, but I am lazy like that. :)

I hope the tests go ok and they are too bad to go through, although the one making your hurt beat faster sounds like a doozy.

I am glad you are back posting...I was wondering where you went.

Sarah♥ said...

OMG - You're on the London Eye! That is totally mind blowingly amazing.

Sorry you haven't been feeling that great, but tea in Harrods and the EYE!

Whoop ;)


diver said...

Hi Em, glad to see you back :) Wow Kensington, cardiologist, Hyde Park, neuros, the big wheelie thing ... you've been quite the gaddabout haven't you.

Lemme guess, the 'congestion charge' is a tax you pay for the privilege of joining the congested city throng?

The Foggy Knitter said...

Hello! Good to hear from you, hope the cold goes away soon. Lovely photo on the Eye :o)

Also if you're going to be going into London regularly and you have a blue badge then you can register it and not have to pay the congestion charge. There's details here: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/congestioncharging/6736.aspx Though you do have to pay £10 for the discount... but you only have to go into London twice for it to save you money xxx

Em said...

hi shelley

aw thanks, had a great morning out on the eye. twenty pounds sure is plenty for a few refreshments, hey it was harrods. im sure youve been through plenty in your years on this earth too. xxx

hi sarah

this cold hasnt helped one bit. in a strange way though, i couldnt concentrate on being anxious because i felt sooo unwell!!!. hope your arent too stressed out with this little lady thats harrassing you. xxx

hi diver

the congestion charge, you pay £8 for the luxury of driving around london in the weekdays. thing is i kind of agree with it, yet paying the fee is a different matter! luckily we went on the eye on a saturday so no fee, the £8 went on car parking for two hours!. x

hi foggy

thanks for the info, i do have blue badge what a great idea. hoping you summer has been as good as can be. took a tip from a previous post of yours. im knitting a pair of knee highs at last, yeh! where you combined to colours together to achieve strippiness, well i knitted a few inches already, looking lovely, will be sure to post a pic. xxx