28 October 2010

challenges 1.2.3

had a humdinger of a headache this week, it was black-out curtains shut, no painkillers i would of only brought them back up, flannel on head, stayed still for three hours, then it eased. thank goodness.

the next day being an appt at kings, oh i hear you say not another one. i completed the required pedal on the exercise bike, with mask over face, electrodes on chest, with a friendly dutch lady willing me to 'open you eyes', i felt nauseous, out of breath, chest pains, hot, but i did it so hoping that i will get the results in january, when i see the consultant.

rosie is fine after the jab. although she up-chucked in the car, guess who had to wipe it up, mmm yours truly. poor little mite, shes ok now.

thinking of applying for physio, my shoulders ache, my joints the past few years seem to be more lax than normal probably due to inactivity. i was advised by prof g in april but due to the pots being unstable i said that i would wait. maybe its time to go for it.

as i only have two appts in november (so far) im thinking of crashing my fears. top of my list are three well avoided appts.

1. dentist, i have a confession, i havent been since sept 1993, before you all go errrrr, the very lovely dentist wanted me to have all four wisdom teeth out, ohhh far to much for my delicate self to handle. i havent been back since. they arent in bad nick, so i think i would definitely need a couple of fillings, a bit of a clean and maybe the removal of the dreaded wisdom teeth.

2. haircut, again sept 1990, a few months after what i now know was a p.o.t.s attack i was sitting in the salon, pulsing heart, sweat dripping feeling nauseous, i promised i wouldnt go back and didnt. twenty years later a lovely friend of the family has offered her services so all i need to do is give her a call. i did a linda mccartney in the past twenty years, cut if myself.

3.is a little bit kinder, reflexology. three years ago i went to see a reflexologist to see whether she could help with my anxiety. it didnt really but was a well spent hour. shes an interesting lady, my feet warmed up, which i think would be beneficial right now.

will i be brave enough? i will report back on the occasions if i dare to try.


agoraphob said...

Good luck! Haircuts and dentists are hard to go to. I have panicked a bit at both, but I continued going, and they are a lot easier to deal with.

You can do it!

Coffeecup said...

Your hair looks gorgeous. You're obviously a brilliant hairdresser :)

If your wisdom teeth haven't caused you any bother since that visit in 1993 is there any reason they need removing now? Maybe a check up won't harm. You can still chose whether or not to have work done.

Enjoy the reflexology. You deserve some pampering xx

diver said...

Hi Em. My dentist is a gnarly old ex-army guy, very direct, no BS. He reckons modern dentists are way over-cautious about wisdom teeth, like 1960s doctors used to be about tonsils. On his advice I'd agree with Steph : leave those wisdom teeth alone unless they're causing you trouble.

Sorry for all the aches, pain and vomit. And the headache, crikey, that sounded terrible :( Hope your physical dimension has settled down now :)

Em said...

hi shelly

thanks, im hoping years on i will be ok, i think i had a p.o.t.s thing going on at the time, so having finally dealt with the condition, taking meds, the outcome may be different this time, we shall see. x

hi steph

thanks, its been challenging, you know cutting one side shorter than the other, then deciding to lop some more off! oh dear. thing is now i cant concentrate long enough on the detail because my eyes hurt. the teeth problem; i have a bit of overcrowding going on, not to severe, every now and then they move, so im in a little pain. and my wisdom teeth still move, so i have pain with them. i know i need a few fillings, but i do think the wisdoms can stay for now, im not that brave!.x

hi diver

im touching wood as i speak, im hoping the headache wont return, although i had a temperature yesterday, good old panadol took it down, after i stubbornly refused to take it the whole day. its crazy as i take a number of meds aday, im still anti tablets and wont take more than usual!. x. love you pink and black jewels.