25 October 2010

rosies off for a rabies jab

rosies just off to get a rabies jab. no readers she hasnt got the dreadful lurgy. i may, yes may be (very optimistically), going to france next year and rosie is coming too. yippppeeeeeeeeeeee.

my dad may have a job in cannes, for five weeks in the spring. i know i have health concerns, anxiety concerns, lots of concerns. im being brave, im working out all the what ifs, planning ahead, lots to be done lists. and rosie is on that list. getting a pet passport isnt that expensive or difficult. im just hoping if she has the rabies jab tonight she will be ok and not have any effects.

were cutting it fine, i think the process takes six months in all.

im having dreams off popping over into italy, visitig van goghs museum. seeing as its spring it wont be oh so hot. ive been before. my cousin lives half way down so staying the night at his as a half way point will be a comforting option. only two days travel. im rambling now. you can see im excited. i just hope im well enough to travel. x


Achelois said...

So pleased for Rosie and so so pleased for you.

I think you will be well enough, and hey ho if you have bad days better to have them in Italy or France with a change of scenery than dreaming of places you yearn for.

I believe so much that you will achieve this.

Crikey Em, your exicted! I am positively (virtually) jumping for joy on your behalf.

Just go for it. Consequences be damned. Just imagine this - Hi its Em, just popped into an internet Cafe to show you my latest pics! A pet passport, how glam is that.

Coffeecup said...

Hi Em,

I think it's wonderful that you can take your pet abroad now. None of that six months in quarantine to worry about any more :)

Think ahead. Make plans. Go girl go!
Maybe a few weeks in the south of France will do you the world of good.

Can I come too? :)

x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I have to say its a great sign that you are thinking about this. The fact you are thinking about it means it is possible and to have something to build towards is fantastic. Now I am looking forward to reading about Cannes and seeing lots of photos. This time last year would this thought even have stayed in your mind for longer than a moment? It is an indication of how far you have come and although I know you still have a long way to go it is great to read just how well you are doing.

All the best


Em said...

hi achelois

thanks for the encouragement. when i had the, really bad headache, this week i just thought there was no way i could even contemplate travel. yet once it passed the excitment drew me back. i really, really want this more than anything. and having rosie come to, just tops it off. xxx

hi steph,

im sure theres room in my holdall for you!x. making plans, ive been thinking along those lines. maybe even taking my consultants number with me incase the worse happens. and i will be sure to get medical insurance, something ive never done, and always ended up paying for even with the e111. xxx

hi nechtan

you are certainly right, i was in bed last year, unable to do very much at all. i do need to build up to travel. small steps and all. planning is really important, not thinking that i can just be spontaneous and leave things to luck. thanks.x