21 October 2010


past couple of days ive experienced nausea. ive forgot what it was like to be friends with nausea, the good old domperidone seemed to have done the trick, yet my body has decided to remind me that its in control. todays not been too bad, yet ive had a bashing headache. the joys.


The Foggy Knitter said...

(((((hugs)))) Got any good headache medication? I find it makes all the difference to my sanity.
Hope it goes away soon xxxxxx

Achelois said...

Poor you. Daughter appears to have developed pre-menstrual migraine.

Hope tomorrow there is no headache


Em said...

hi foggy

i usually take panadol, or rub some 4head on, which at times takes the edge of. mostly they seem unmoveable, i suffered for seven months when i first experienced them! seems to be a little easier today. xx

hi achelois

thanks, fingers crossed the nausea is easing too, goodness me what bodies we have! im sure if i sit it out they will pass, what other choice do we have. xxx

agoraphob said...

I hope you feel better soon and the nausea goes away. I hate nausea. Hope you headache lessens as well.

Em said...

hi shelly

touch wood its eased a little. im kind of used to these feelings now, urgh!x

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

After a week of headaches I can sympathise. I forgot what day spoiler they can be. You can't do much with a splitting head and nausea is not that brilliant either. I do hope you pick up soon. Its not a good place to be so I hope better days lies ahead.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

hope you headaches eases off soon. touch wood the past two days havent been as full on, im keeping my fingers crossed! i think with me after they have been away for so long then decide to return its a bolt from the blue and i forget how horrendous they can be. xx