19 October 2010



diver said...

Hi Em, nice pics above and below. Both have great texture and perspective I think.

Best pic of all though is that new one of Rosie in the sidebar ... that's what I call a 'winning smile'!

Em said...

hi diver

thanks, im not a great picture taker, yet some i adore for the colour, certainly the autumn leaves took my attention. couldnt resist adding rosie.x

Achelois said...

You are a great picture taker!

I love the autumnal colours, nechtan is right the texture is great.

I also adore the Rosie pic. Rosie is a tonic indeed.

Em said...

hi achelois

i cant resist some autumn leaves, there were in my aunts village, i was in my wheelchair so i whipped the camera out and took a picture. i have no knowledge with taking pictures at all, i just know what i like and if the shots crap then i delete it. xxxx