7 November 2010

colds,dog coats, and socks.

ive caught a cold off my generous father. the father took three days off work last week which was highly unusual. now im the one taking teaspoons of honey, hot tea, and later i may dip into the panadol box. weak, painful joints, sore throats.

ive been looking round for a winter coat for rosie, she has one my sister gave her which was her sons, beige corduroy, fleecy lining fits perfectly. so out came some purple corduroy from my stash of material, pink spotty fleecy blanket has been cut up, when im up to the task i will sew the pieces together.

finished some red knee high socks, little bit on the big side. yet they will do, im sure the woolly warmness will keep my legs toasty this winter, will post a picture soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I hope your cold passes quickly. It must be doing the rounds as there is a bout of it up here too.

I'm sure Rosie will really appreciate you making her a coat. It should make it easier to make.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

cold is easing off thank goodness. i thought maybe it would drag on. the coats is proving to be a little difficult. when finished i will take a picture with rosie wearing it. thanks.x