10 November 2010


red knitted socks, falling down on wearing.

rosies coat, more difficult that i thought it would be to make.

cold, easing off, thank goodness.

back, beginning to ache.


The Foggy Knitter said...

((((hugs)))) Maybe try threading some fine (Shirring?) elastic through the top of the socks to help them stay up? Just not so tight that it cuts off your circulation... or ribbon can be pretty. Otherwise you could always make garters?

Hope Rosie's coat goes better tomorrow. I've just ordered yarn to make myself insanely thick knee high socks! xxx

Em said...

thanks foggy, i used your idea, will tell you how they go when i wear them.

rosies coat is nearly finished, just need some velcro and inch and a half wide, so going to hobby craft tomorrow to see if they have any. will post a picture when done. thanks again for you idea on the socks, cant wait to see you ones.xxx