27 November 2010

headaches eased.

touch wood its been two days now with less of a headache, thank goodness.

went out this morning and the temp gauge in the car was flashing 0. wow, cold. no snow here, yet. had a push round crystal palace, then two cups of tea. other then my toes and fingers i werent that cold probably due to the fact that i had two thinnish jumpers on a toasty zip up, and a warm coat on!

coming home i had lunch, afterwards a yoghurt. there is a point to this, i was freezing after i had the yoghurt so much so a hot water bottle was made, the tops of my fingers hurt to. prof p suggested i may have Reynard's.

the recipient of my purple bag (later found out that her favourite colour was purple) sent me a card thanking me. always nice to get feed back, i think she likes owls too!x

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