26 November 2010

barbara hepworth

bit of a fan of bh. have stumbled across her outdoor sculptures in st ives,brighton, and battersea park. so imagine my surprise seeing a sculpture of hers in dulwich park!


The Foggy Knitter said...

Ah... Dulwich park... we spent many happy days there as kids. I remember that sculpture! And the playgrounds and the duck ponds. Such an awesome park, though Streatham Common is possibly superior in some ways, it's less park-like.

Hello Em and Rosie! x

mitch said...

Pass the brasso ;-)

Em said...

hi foggy

id only found out about dulwich park recently. on my trips to kings hospital saw the signs for it. glad you have fond memories of the park, and you remember the sculpture!.

ive been past streatham common never visited. x

Em said...

hi mitch

brasso indeed! i must dig out the other photos i have of her work. x