22 November 2010

mission accomplished

today i had my haircut!!!! i was fine. all the manky old ends trimmed off, around two inches, a few layers put in to give my hair some ooomph. had a good old chinwag too. all in all a productive morning. i really think the coolness of the kitchen helped. in salons the heat would really get to me, stiffling,suffocating at the time i didnt know that i was having a big p.o.t.s episode either so all the messed up autonomic system didnt help. big thumbs up.

rosie is getting another coat, oh yes olive corduroy, with wait for it..... leopard skin furry lining, yes can you imagine. i had to give into my mums, what shall i call it, bet lynch love of leopard skin! however in tiny doses i dont mind.

these past few weeks ive been using the sewing machine, in small paced spurts. i made a friend a bag to cheer her up. new ideas spring to mind and i decided a few old cross stitches would indeed make nice bags. so i thought i would put together another one. anyhow dad sold it today, another boost to my flagging confidence.

hair pictures, dog coat pictures and bag pictures will follow......


agoraphob said...

yay! cant wait for pictures!!

Coffeecup said...

A sale! Wonderful :) You're so arty and clever xxx

Photos please! Want to see your beautiful hair :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Haha. When I read about Rosie's new coat the first thing that popped into my mind was Bett Lynch. As long as your mum stops there as I don't want to see any photos of Rosie with a cig and a Beehive.

Well done on getting the haircut. I'll bet there was a time not so long ago when that was either a complete no go or a hope for sometime far in the future. These are great positives and you should be proud.

Little spurts I think are sensible. Its something I need to learn. It is the way to better long term goals. No use pushing things because it never works. It might for a short spell but long term it is detremental so I think you are on the right road there. Patience with ourselves is I think a valued lesson.

All the best


Em said...

hi shelley

will try to post them this week. x

Em said...

hi steph

aw thanks, just luck really, right time, right place. x

Em said...

hi nechtan

i think i would draw the line with a fag and bouffant! funny imagine though.

im getting used to the self imposed pacing. its really difficult especially when your used to doing things at a hundred miles per hour. to slow down, is hard really hard. x