24 November 2010

one bag

the bag.

i have had a headache thats been following me around for days. grrrrrr.

went to wimbledon today, bought a pretty cath kidston purse. was extremely restrained, i went in for one item and came out with one. rosy was allowed into the shop, which is a pleasant surprise, id sneaked her in before this time asked apparently its a dog friendly shop.

been making some christmas decorations, a christmas pudding, some dangly sparkly drops. i tried to upload or is it download a video yesterday, didnt work of some squarking parrots in dulwich park. will try again soon.


Coffeecup said...

Em that is just gorgeous! :):)

Did you use a pattern to make that bag? I stopped doing cross stitch because I ended up rolling them all up inside a tea towel and stashing them in a drawer. There are only so many pictures you can hang or cushions you can make! Never thought of being that clever and personalising a little bag. It's lovely! Really neat stitching too x

I'm inspired!

Em said...

hi steph

sadly i cant do cross stitch no more my eyes ache so, i did what you did a number of years back and stashed them in a draw. i felt a bit guilty, so i took a couple out and made them into bags. glad i did know. although i so hate parting with them, its fine if i know from the start that they arent going to be mine. i need to let go.

i didnt use a pattern, laid the material out on the table and decided then and there. now that i cant do things all at once, i tend to fiddle around more. thanks. x

Sarah♥ said...

I would love to see what decs you've made.

I'm off to M & S tomorrow (weather and mental state permitting), to buy mine :)


Em said...

hi sarah

will post some photos. only two so far, a christmas pud, and a red heart, bit slow on the make with them. good luck for tomorrow. wrap up warm.x