16 November 2010


rosie wouldnt keep still, so heres the best shot i have of her in THE COAT. corduroy, patchwork quilting innards, and a fleecing backing.

cold is still clinging on, slowly my taste is coming back, and my ear touchwood is clear. thank goodness.


diver said...

Hi Em, standing ovation, very stylish. Is that a foldover hoodie at the top there?

Glad to hear your cold recedes :)

Ellen said...

Stylish is the word I'd say! Lucky Rosie to have such a fond owner...Hope you continue to feel better.

mitch said...

She seems happy enough in it :)

Em said...

hi diver

sadly no hoddie on rosies coat just a collar type addition.

my cold is getting on my nerves now, one day easing off the next full force. at least my taste is coming back. xx

hi ellen

the coat is very warm too, after her walk today i took the coat of and her fur was lovely and warm. x

hi mitch

i think she would wear a burlap bag as long as she had someone to snuggle up too.x love your photos

The Foggy Knitter said...

A lovely piece of work, I hope Rosie appreciates how lucky she is, she'll be needing it in this weather! Hope the cold goes far far away! xxx

Em said...

hi foggy

im sure she likes the warm toasty feeling she gets when she wears the coat, im hoping she does anyway!. the cold is still hanging around, unfortunately. x