13 November 2010


went to bromley this morning. i have a stinking cold, which seems to wax and wane throughout the day. feeling pretty dreadful, carried on regardless. came home from bromley had some soup then went to morden hall.

met the hairdressers, terrible i dont even know the couples name, yet i know they have a cat called emily, they were hairdressers, and they are very chatty,friendly people. seriously thought of renaming the place 'cheers' you know where everybody knows your name, although they dont know your name, just alot of friendlessness going on there. another lady is having a tough time at present health wise, so i made her a bag. in the week when i was making rosies coat i decided i would make marg a small handbag. so i rummaged through my cross-stitches from a while bag, grabbed some linen and whizzed away on the sewing machine. giving myself backache in the meantime!>
on a cold wet saturday, she loved the bag, said that her late husband also adored corfe castle. random act and all that.......


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Good on you and I hope the delight of the bag recipient made it worth while. There is something inherently good about making something where there wasn't anything before. I am sure she really appreciated it all the more rather than taking some mas manufactured number to the checkout in a shop.

I hope you cold lifts soon. They are a drain.

All the best


Melinda said...

Beautiful bag! Such a nice thought.

Em said...

hi nechtan

yeah she was pleased as punch. she knows im ill so making something, she knows is hard on me. i think im getting my inspiration back, certainly feels good producing something even if it does take around a week!x

hi melinda

thanks, im glad i did it, at times we all need a random act of kindness.x